Club Penguin Fan Universe

In this mission you must discover another fur (not that str00dely polar one) that is orange and fluffy (ripped by Klutzy) and you must track it with the Binoculars 3000 that G asked to give you in the beginning.

Objective 1-Talk to G about the orange fur on the ground. He will say that the fur was ripped by Herbert's sidekick Klutzy. Tell him about the Binoculars 3000 and he will lend it to you.

Objective 2-Go to the forest and talk to Dancing Penguin. He will say that he lost his puffle. Drag the orange fur to him and he will be happy and he will make you find his puffle.

Objective 3-At the sports shop pick up the flame surfboard and give it to Rookie (Seen in Missions 8 & 3) He will use it to find the puffle.

Objective 4 (Puzzle)-Now you must take control and make him find Herbert's plan.

Objective 5-Rookie will give the plan to you and your Spy Phone rings.

Objective 6-Talk to G on your Spy Phone and tell him about the plan.

Objective 7-Click on the tree at the cove and an orange puffle will jump out.

Objective 8-But its shy. Aww. Herbert and Klutzy show up.

Objective 9-While Herbert is making his plan complete pick up Klutzy and put it in your inventory.

Objective 10-Go to the HQ and talk to G. The screen fades to Dancing Penguin.

The orange puffle shows up and Dancing Penguin becomes happier.

Award-A orange puffle for your igloo (members only)

Medal-The fur medal:For giving the fur to Dancing Penguin and finding Herbert's plan.

Note-This is from the Director of the PSA :Hello,thank you for finding the mystery of the Orange Puffle.It has been a big help Club Penguin will soon release the,.....Orange puffle in the Pet Shop(For members only...)

P.S. Dancing Penguin is doing a party at 6:00 pm pst,don't miss it!