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The Ninja-Sensei
The Ninja- Sensei image
Front cover of the case
Vital statistics
Type Card-Jitsu type game
Effects Video Game
Source Snowtendo
Location Stores that sell Snowtendo stuff
Cost to buy 500 pebbles (normal) 1000P (Special Edition)
Cost to sell 300 pebbles (normal) 800P (Special Edition)

The Ninja-Sensei is a video game developed by Snowtendo which is based on Sensei and other penguin and puffles, like Link and Mabel. It plays on the console of [[Snowtendo Vii] and Snowtendo DS.


You start life as a penguin on Club Penguin. You and your friends were scaring each other during the Halloween Party of '08 at the cove when they saw lightning strikes at the Dojo and Ternville hovering above. They went to the Dojo to investigate and saw a huge hole in the roof. G and Rory were already there along with a crowd of penguins. When the construction crew moved in, citizens began digging out the snow.

When all the snow was dug out and moved to THE SKIP, a new Dojo was dug out. Sensei, a ninja teacher let penguins play Card-Jitsu. In stage one you have to beat your friends (which is easy, even on hard mode). After doing that you unlock Class 1 shops (cheap shops)and Dojo-credits (the higher level the penguin you beat, the more D-Cs).

Stage 2 begins after you finish Objective Book One (see bottom of page) which allows you to battle other penguins and puffles. When stage 2 is finished, you unlock Class 2 shops (50-50 shops). Stage 3 begins after finishing Objective Book Two (like last time). In stage 3, you can battle more penguins (like Link and the [[X-virus|X-antibodies).

After finishing Objective Book Three and mastering the Ninja, Stage 4 starts. Sensei then gives you allies to help defeat the bad guys. Along with that he creates a group of penguins known as The Antarctic Card-Jitsu Defence Council (known as TAC-JDC or Allies) and you unlock Class 3 shops (Ninja shop).

After finishing all objectives you fight bosses and have a Two on One mode where you get to chose one ally and fight along side you (rather than using an ally once a round). Stage 4 and Class 4 shops (Villan Items Shop)also get unlocked.

In Stage 5 you don't unlock a shop. Instead you have to battle Darktan! It is also an Allies on One match (even so, it's hard). After defeating him, the USA congratulates you. This is then followed by the credits.


Objective Book One[]

  • Finish tutorial
  • Finish advanced skills tutorial
  • Reach level 5
  • Battle 25 penguins
  • Win against 10 penguins
  • Defeat Boss (Sensei)

Objective Book Two[]

  • Reach level 15
  • Battle 50 penguins
  • Win against 25 penguins
  • Buy "X-Virus Card Pack" (25 DC)
  • Defeat Boss (Herbert and Klutzy)

Objective Book Three[]

  • Reach level 25
  • Battle 100 penguins
  • Buy "Elemental Card Pack" (25 DC)
  • Buy "Ninja Staff" (10 DC)
  • Defeat Boss (Robo-Gary)


Character Type Main weapon(s) Power card
<INSERT YOUR USERNAME> (You) Custom Starter:Snowballs Other:Buy from shops Custom
G Electric Card-Jitsu-card-thrower 3000, Lightning bolt maker Nuts and bolts flinger
Rockhopper Water Snowcannon, Sea monster, Iceberg throw Mega wave (Migrator crashes into the Dojo)
Aunt Arctic Paper Huge pencil, pads of slippery paper, camera Puffle power card
Explorer Goofy & Ice Propeller cap, Ice Amulet, Blizzard Phreaker mode card (ideal for boss fights)
Fred Mathamatics & Ice Sharp triangle, Pi throwing machine, Ice Amulet Hard maths lesson
The X Leader Law Enforcement, Defence and Electric Handcuffs Rifle (shoots handcuffs onto flippers. The opponent can't use any cards for two turns, giving you the upper hand), Reinforcements (calls in police ninjas to attack. They will shoot handcuffs with the Handcuff Rifle, use riot shields and they'll even use tasers), Riot Shield (deflects all attacks unless special move), Taser, Police Helicopter (enables you to see the opponent's cards), Confiscate (Removes a opponents card or main weapon for one turn), Riot Police (Riot Police officers will come with riot shields, increasing defence for The X Leader, the player and allies) Arrest (If it works then the enemy will be out of the game. 10% chance of it working but 50% if you've used the Handcuff Rifle.)
Swiss Ninja Weapons A staff, A spear, A Dao Sword, A Gim Sword, A pair of Cha's, A pair of butterfly swords, a Qwan Do, and a Snowball Slingshot. He also has a Sheid with the insignia of Switzerland on it. Snowzerland Power Card

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  • When Link was captured, a Special Edition came out. It has a download feature, mini-games and much more!
    • The SE-NS (Special Edition-New Style) came out, it had a new battle screen and missions
    • SE-EI (Special Editon-Extra Inclucions), the newest version, has map mode (with real life locations), Make-A-Card mode, Replay modes and more.
  • Two sequals has been released, both on the same day, The Ninja: Star Force and The Ninja: Commando. You can buy them at the same time via The Ninja: Star Commando which includes extra maps, new missions and a special "pre made" and "saved" ninja feature which enables you to choose ninjas made by the company or make your own ninjas and save them for later use.
  • In 2010, a Collectors Edition was released to commemorate the release of the two sequels. It contained a disc with special features and the game disc which had the normal and special editions (both) combined into one. It cost 1100 pebbles.

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