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The National Antarctic Institute
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Vital statistics
Type Museum
Level 8957
Location 100 Capitol Ave, South Pole City
Inhabitants 5,782 staff

The National Antarctic Institute is a collection of 10 museums on the National Promenade Square. It was founded by Sancho Monte Captio in 2009. The Institue is operated by the USA government and the University of South Pole City. It is open year-round.


Sancho Monte Captio proposed a new institution to be opened to gain more tourism. Most of the South Pole Council agreed (not Mabel).The council set aside 5.9 billion pebbles to pay for the project. The council voted that Alex12345a and Sancho Monte Captio be the new curators at the museum. Since only one large structure could not be built to fit all the exhibits , they built 10 seperate large buildings at each side of the National Promenade. The museum took only two months to build and three weeks to transport and put in place the artifacts.



  • The Center Block is a large parliament-like building, most archives are kept here.
  • The National Air and Space Museum is a large museum filled with many aircraft, including the Wrong Flyer and a replica of a PASA space shuttle
  • The National Art Gallery has many painting from around the world, many Pago Pigaso, Leonard Da Venci painting are here.
  • The National Natural History Museum is a large area where many fossils, animals, and other stuff about nature are here on display.
  • The National History Museum is a museum based on the National History of the Country, has many bills, including the Constitution
  • The National Geology Museum is a museum with many jewels, rocks and the formation of many things on earth.
  • The National Astronomical Museum is a large area dedicated to astronomy, has many things about planets
  • The National Anatomy Museum is large museum dedicated to the penguin body and how it works
  • The National Agriculture Museum is a large museum dedicated to the study of plants and farming,has a large biome.
  • The National Aquarium is a large aquarium filled with tropical fish, sharks and dolphins
  • The National Civilization Museum is a large museum that is dedicated to the study of civilization, has many ancient artifacts from olden times.
  • The National Botanic Gardens is a large area full of many plants and trees, in a very large conservatory.


  • The National Institute Deans: Sancho Monte Captio and Alex001
  • The Museum Curators: (10)
  • The Guards: (678)
  • Maintenance Workers (200)
  • Tour Guides (128)
  • Other (over 1,000)



This is a museum!!

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