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The Mystery of Pen Chi
Pen Chi Mystery Cover
The cover for the book in Qashqai Press
Vital statistics
Start July 11, 2010
End July ??, 2010
Prerequisites LiquidFence Scandal
Level Yellow Snow
Location Club Penguin, LiquidFence Database Museum, Pen Chi's Hideout
Rewards Pen Chi
Previous Next
Great Snowzerland War III, The Quest for Fisch Great Snowzerland War IV

The Mystery of Pen Chi was a Mission held by the Hochstadt Gang to find and capture Pen Chi for Several Reasons.


It's Been a While Since the LiquidFence Scandal Occured in 2008, when Pen Chi quit being the sensei as it was passed on to Sensei. No one has figured where Pen Chi was, nor did they really care. However, it was Fuut-Ga, a Hochstadt destined to be the sensei in a hundred years or so, took a look at Pen Chi's life Story via books and the Fourth Wall. He figured that Pen Chi had broken his promise to the previous sensei, Hung, which was the last Hochstadt Sensei. Fuut Ga told the gang about this, but they had mixed feelings about it.

Chapter 1:Where Is Pen Chi?[]

Everyone was congregated at Beacon University, in Fisch's Office.

Fisch:"That Mission is pretty complicated. There are several rumors of where Pen Chi may be. It's going to take a long time to figure this out."

Fuut Ga:"Can't we at least try?"

Clovis:"I've heard that he escaped to a place called Japan."

Jock:"Clovis, you don't know anything about Seafaring and Human World Geography, don't you? Japan is too far north for him to live there."

Explorer:"Well you aren't the best in math, not like my brother."

Jock:"Hey! Math is boring! I'd rather...."

Fuut Ga:"Come on Guys! Let's Focus!"

Fisch:"I have heard that Pen Chi lives in a remote hiding place with Rentu and his other minions."

NO. This isn't a mission

Fuut Ga:"What about..."

Suddenly, the door shook and then broke open!

Austin8310 broke into the room with Snowzer Cheese, advancing forward slowly with an evil gleam in his eyes.

The group started nervously edging backwards, and Fisch brought out his Keysaber.

Fisch:"You're back on SN's Missions I see?"

Austin:"NO. This isn't a Mission. It's PAYBACK!"

Austin threw the Snowzer Cheese at Fuut Ga.


The Cheese badly injured him.


He then left in a hurry.

Everyone rushed towards him for help...except Fisch.


However, he was already gone.

Fuut Ga was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

Fisch:"Fuut Ga! Wake Up! How are you feeling?"

He could barely talk, for there was bandages covering his whole body.

Fuut Ga:""

Corai:"The Hospital!"

Fuut Ga:"No!.....what about..... Pen Chi Mission?"

Jock:"We'll have to Postpone it."

Fisch:"We don't have time for that. Someone will have to take his place."

Fuut Ga:" can do it...."

Fisch:"I would love to, but I have an important classified meeting in SPC to go to. I guess the leadership has to go to Jock."

Jock:"What? Me? I'm the leader of Military Operations, not treasure hunting!"

Fisch:"Pen Chi is Dangerous. We need a leading military strategist like you to capture him!"


Fisch:"You'll bring fame to the Hochstadt Family name!"


Fisch:"You'll be rich?"

Jock:"I'm not interested in Fame or Fortune."


Explorer:"Have a Wonderful Time."

Jock:"Ok, fine, I'll do it then."

Fisch:"Thank you. I have to leave for SPC now! Bye!"

Fisch left the room and headed for the airport.

Back in Explorer's Igloo....

Jock:"Alright men. Now that we have our group assembled, we need a plan."


Jock:"Where to go."

Clovis:"Why not go to that Museum?"

Jock:"Museum? We already know what happened."

Explorer:"I've heard rumors of a strange penguin there...."


Jock:"Fine....we could take a short field trip I guess."

Chapter 2:The Museum[]

LiquidFence Database Museum image

After a bit of travel, the gang made it to the museum.

Piper:"Yuck. Who would want to come here?"

Jock:"I've only been here once before..."

Everyone kept browsing around the displays until Clovis spotted a shadow.

Clovis:"I saw something!"

Jock:"Saw what?"

Clovis:"A Mysterious Shadow!"

Piper:"Lets follow it!"

The group followed Clovis into the Room where Pen Chi's Sword was.

It was the The Mysterious Curator.

Clovis:"Hello sir! Sorry to bother you...."

Jock:"He does that a lot."


Piper:"Uh....What are you drinking?"

The Mysterious Curator did not answer. Jock drew his sword.

Jock:"Something tells me that you know where Pen Chi is. You better tell us."

The Mysterious Curator still didn't say anything as he took Pen Chi's sword from it's stand.

Everyone was silent.

Jock:"Aren't you going to strike me?"

The Curator did a fancy sword trick and dashed at Jock. Their swords clangend and clanged as they exchanged blows. However, the Mysterious Curator was able to throw Jock into the Wall.



Clovis:"Uh oh....I know what to do!"

Clovis began to juggle three balls. The Curator just watched with his sword in his flipper.

Corai:"Tell a joke or something!"

Clovis:"Ok...How many Swiss Ninja's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"


"Only One, since Swiss is Egotistical!"

awkward silence


Corai:"Hey! Don't boo at him!"

Suddenly, Metalmanager came into the scene with his sword.

However, the Curator lit a smoke bomb.....and dissappared.

Jock:"I'm OK, guys...Thanks metal, I owe you one."


Clovis:"We lost him!"

Explorer:"He dropped his drink."

Dave went over and smelled it to find it to be revolting.

Metal:"You should scan it to find out what it is."

Dave phoned in some Forensic Scientists, who took away the Yellow Colored Drink to a laboratory for analysis.

Piper:"What next?"

Jock:"Just wait for the scientists to determine the substance....."

A Couple hours passed, and everyone was back at the Hospital visiting Fuut Ga. He was feeling much better, and could now talk normally and move his arms but not his legs.

Fuut Ga:"What did you guys find?"

Jock:"Eh....we did a little reasearch at the Liquidfence Database Museum. We came across the Mysterious Curator, who was unfriendly to us. He dissappeared, leaving his spilled yellow drink behind."

Fuut Ga:"Yellow drink? What did this guy look like?"

Jock:"His face was covered by a baseball cap. He had a black beard, and wore a thick coat."

Fuut Ga:"Hmmmmm....."

Jock's Cell Phone rang.


Scientist:"This is the Forensic Scientist Speaking. We have confirmed what the substance is. Please come to the laboratory...."

Jock:"Why can't you tell us now?"

Scientist:"This is a very private matter."


Clovis:"Was it the Scientist?"

Jock:"Yes. Fuut Ga, we need to go."

Fuut Ga:"Alright. Bye!"

They arrived at the laboratory only ten minutes later.

Scientist 1:"Thank goodness you came. The substance has been identified as....ahem...Yellow Water."

Jock:"Yellow Water?"

Sceintist 1:"Yes. Water with Urine in it."

Clovis:"Wait....don't you mean Yellow Snow?"

Scientist 2:"Wait, this joker may be right. When we first found the substance, it was slushy."

Scientist 3:"Meaning that the Yellow Snow melted on our way back to the lab."

Corai:"Can it be?"

Explorer:"Yup. It has Pen Chi written all over it."

Back at the Hospital....

Fuut Ga:"Pen Chi was known for being crafty. You need to find a way into his secret hideout."

Jock:"We don't know where Pen Chi is hiding."

Fuut Ga:"You saw the Mysterious Curator there, right?"


Fuut Ga:"Then He is near the LiquidFence Museum."


The Gang Returned to the Museum.

Jock:"Where to look...Where to look..."

Dave:"We should interview people!"

According to the accounts, the Gang chose to pick the scene where a penguin attacked the Mysterious Curator outside near a trash can.

There was only a trash can there, which seemed to have only trash left from the tourists.

Piper:"You're really going to examine a trash can?"

Dave:"Not the trash can, but everything."

Corai decided to pull the trash can away to see if he could find anything. There was only a Vent of some sort.

Dave:"Hmmm. A vent. Wonder what's it for?"

Jock:"It's Located right next to the building...."

Piper:"I see a button right there at the edge of the wall!"

Sure enough, there was a small button on the bottom of the building wall near the vent.

Explorer:"Who dares to push it?"

Piper:"I will!"


Chapter 3:The Hideout[]

A panel below the gang flipped over, making the Gang plunge down into the Earth.

They fell to find themself in a dark cavernous place.

Corai:"I don't like it here!"

Clovis:"Me niether.....I'm afraid of the dark."

Piper:"Oh Please. You two are big wussies. You two will get nowhere in life."

Explorer:"Looks like your wrong Piper. Corai is a leader of a prosperous country, and Clovis is a famous beloved comedian who works for the King."

Piper:"Gah. forget you. Without that King, Clovis would be desperate."

Clovis:"Hey! That's not true! Take that back!!!!"

Jock:"Guys, I heard something!"

Piper:"Why should I, Clueless Clovis?"

Clovis:"Why, I'd...."


suddenly, Rentu and a group of Pen Chi Ninjas came in sight.

Rentu:"Look boys, we've got intruders."

Clovis:"I'm an actor from Star Penguins!"

Piper:"Wait, I thought you're a High...."

Rentu started to attack Piper with his Ninja Moves.

Since Piper was a puffle, Rentu kept missing him each time.

Piper:"Is that all you got? Your'e pretty unintelligent for a Ninja...."

Piper jumped into the air and kicked Rentu down to the ground.

Metalmanager was taking down multiple Ninjas at a time.

Metal:"Sorry I have to do this....but you serve Pen Chi."

As everyone continued fighting, Jock ran down deeper into the Hideout. He began to smell a horrible smell get stronger and stronger. He knew that he was close.

Unfortunately, the door was made of Stone.

Jock:"How to reach that crazy reach a Sensei, use a sensei! The Sensei State!"

Jock earth bended a rock and bended it through the door. There was Pen Chi eating in a Large Pile of Yellow Snow.

Jock felt like fainting.

Jock:"Yuck! You eat this stuff?"

Pen Chi:"Yes I do, and I like it."

Jock:"Eating that stuff is very unhealthy."


Jock:"Did you make it yourself?"

Pen Chi made a Yellow Snowball and threw it at Jock.


Jock was crouching trying to scrub the stuff off.


Metalmamager threw a water balloon at Jock, which washed off the Yellow Snow.

Jock:", Pen Chi! Face your doom because you have been a bad penguin!"

Pen Chi:"What? Just for Eating Yellow Snow?"

Jock threw up.

Metalmanager:"Not only that, you have broken the promise of your old masters. The Sensei before you."

Pen Chi:"What about Hung?"

Metalmanager:"I just said. You broke his promise."

Pen Chi:"What Promise?"

Metal:"He said: 'Never Eat Yellow Snow Penji!' and you broke it a thousand times more."

Pen Chi was silent for a moment.

Pen Chi:"Lies. All lies. I don't Believe in this foolery. Why do you bring it up anyways?"

Jock:"Pen Chi, your master was a Hochstadt. Your master was also my Great-Great Grandfather, and the other's Great-Great-Great Grandfather. You have disgrased our family code."

Pen Chi:"So?"

Corai began crying. Piper slapped him.

Pen Chi:"You think I care about Disgrasing a silly family made up of a Crybaby Penguin, a Fool, that Dirty looking surfer, and YOU? Look at your other companions! There's that Propellar Freak, the Ninja that has messy hair, a Dangerous Puffle, and THAT GUY I DONT KNOW."

Sensei Hung

Jock:"We are related to your master."

Pen Chi:"Go Away, Ugly Viking."

Suddenly, a smoke bomb was lit, but it wasn't from Pen Chi or his minions.

Hung, the sensei before Pen Chi, Appeared.

Pen Chi:"Master! I thought you where dead!"

Hung was silent, and very grave.

Pen Chi:"I am the greatest Master that there ever was! I trained so many Ninjas! Aren't you proud of me?"

Hung Still said nothing. A Tear ran down his cheek.


Pen Chi:"Why Thank you Master, I knew you would be....wait WHAT?"

Hung:"No. I am very dissappointed. You broke my promise, and my heart. You Insulted my which I rest in."

Pen Chi:"Have you even taken a look at them? They're Freaks!"

Hung:"I don't have to look at them, but only at their hearts. I love them dearly."

Pen Chi:"I Don't Understand......"

Piper:"Hey! He Means that you should drop the yellow snow and throw the stuff away, where it belongs!"

Pen Chi:"No! Never!"

Hung:"Piper is right."

Pen Chi dropped the yellow snow in his flipper. Suddenly, anger shot up into his mind.


The Gang took out Shovels.


He took out a strange Gun. Everyone began to step back a step.

Jock:"Take it easy, Take it easy!"

Piper took another step, and Pen Chi pulled the trigger.

Chapter 4:Teleported to Different Places[]

The Gang found themselves in an empty room.

Jock:"Where are we, and what happened?"

Explorer:"Pen Chi had a teleporting gun. We could be anywhere right now."

The room was empty.

The Gang left the room and found a whole new world.....

....but then Director Benny pushed the anti-climax button and everyone was teleported back. How redundant.

Jock:"That wasn't funny Pen Chi."

Pen Chi wasn't listening because he was fiddling with the teleporting gun.

Pen Chi:"What? You're back? I was supposed to teleport you to a volcano so that you would..."

A flying sword came out of nowhere and knocked the gun out of Pen Chi's hand.

Pen Chi:"Who was that?"

Metalmanager:"Not me!"

Jock:"Or me!"

Fuut Ga:"IT WAS ME!"

Fuut Ga had fully recovered from his injuries, and was now here for a battle with Pen Chi.

Fuut Ga:"Hey, Pen Chi! Remember me?"

Pen Chi:"Yeah. You're that little Ninja that I trained after my master died."

Fuut Ga:"Guess what? I'm his Great-Great Grandson too."

Pen Chi looked around.

Pen Chi:"Where's Hung? He was here a minute ago!"

Hung:"Behind you."

Pen Chi:"AAAH! You scared me, master!"

Hung:"Stop calling me that. Pen chi, you are going to pay."

Pen Chi:"Hey, I don't have any money with me right now so...."

Piper:"Not that type of pay, smart one!"

Then, all of The Five Senseis congregated together.

Pen Chi:"I thought they where all dead!"

The Five Senseis began to create a ball of energy that would be blasted at Pen Chi.

However, Pen Chi was already gone...and so where the Five Senseis.

Jock:"What a day...."

Corai:"Lets go home for some rest."

Chapter 5:Pen Chi's Other Hideout[]

The Gang went back to CP to rest, and they where energized the next day. Vickers Vanguard, one of the newest members, and Akbaboy also came to accompany them.

Vickers:"So you guys are after that former Sensei?"


Akbaboy: Meh. Who cares about Pen Chi? It's just like aviation. It's for--


Vickers:"Well, I heard that he has a hideout in the mountains of CP."

Piper:"Sounds Promising..."

Ak: Makes no sense, Piper.

Jock:"And Dangerous. There isn't any Cell Phone Reception or WiFi in that area, so we can't use the phone for help."

Piper:"We all know that I love danger."

Everyone rolled their eyes.

The Gang soon found themselves leaving the Dojo and heading out into the unknown.

Fuut Ga:"Do you know where you're going, Jock?"

Jock:"It can't be hard. There's going to be signs that suggest that a penguin was there."

Ak: Then two minutes later, we're gonna be running around like lunatics.

Two minutes later, everybody was running around like lunatics trying to find an entrance to his other hideout.

Ak: Wow. I was actually right this time. :/

Akba leaned against a boulder that was in front of a cliffside. The Boulder was light, and it rolled away quickly.

Akba:"Looks like Pen Chi isn't as smart as I thought he would be."

Everyone stopped their ruckus and came to the scene to find Pen Chi at the door.

Pen Chi:"How Did you track me, fools? Can't you see that I want to be left alone?"

Jock:"We are here to capture you, not to talk."

Pen Chi:"What the ۩Ϡ‽Ӷ⎳₠? Why the ⓬☸♔♨℗͏ would you want to do that for?"

Fuut Ga:"We already told you, smart one."

Pen Chi:"Oh Yeah."

Akba:"Why are you screaming in Mabel Screaming marks?"

Pen Chi:"What? That wasn't enough for you?"

Piper:"It's Amateur."

Pen Chi:"Why, how 'bout you %(&@(&#%()$&^%(^ puffles go #(&%*(^$*^%^ and leave my (&(^%&$$##%^$ alone! Take your (&*&^&^%^&#^$%$&^%$ Penguin frends with you too!"

Piper's Response was not as friendly.

Piper:"What? You old *&^%^&$#^$@^*^& need to get a )(^*%^&%$&%^*&%^ life. Stop eating that (*&^*&%$^&%#&^%&*^ Yellow Snow and do something better for a change like you (*&^&$&^$%* don't. You @$$%#$^&%$&^$^%$ better stop now or have mercy."

Pen Chi started to have tears in his eyes.

Jock:"Piper, I never knew that you could be more worse than Mabel!"

Piper:"I did this talk all the time back at the casinos and encoutering gangsters. I usually don't talk like that anyways."

Fudd Came out of Nowhere and started to throw pies at Pen Chi.

Pen Chi fell to the ground.

the gang quickly tied up his flippers with some rope.

Jock:"We Got him!"


Piper had his gun out just so that Pen Chi wouldn't do anything to escape.

Pen Chi:"I Failed...."

Suddenly, Austin came into view, with Johnathan Wolfhunter, Java Ghent, Swiss Ninja, Rentu, Jacques, and two thuggish looking men.


Austin:"OK! ENOUGH PLAYING AROUND! Thanks for the set up, Pen Chi."

Pen Chi grinned, took out his knife, and sliced the bonds.

Pen Chi:"Did you honestly think it was that easy?"


Austin:"WRONG. And now, you're going to pay for all you've ever did. Snooping around, spoiling our's all ending here. DIE!"

Chapter 6: The Battle on the Ridge[]

Austin, Java, Johnathan, Jacques, and the two elite Snoss charged forward. Rentu dissapeared into the shadows and re-appeared near Jock.


Swiss:"I don't engage in physical fighting. And I'm the boss."

Austin screamed at Swiss and then epically Gibbs Smacked him.


Swiss fell onto his face in the snow.

Swiss:#%#$%@#^#$^...why do I keep him?!?

Then they clashed together. Suddenly, what was a calm silence turned into a loud commotion. Explorer ran in with his shovel and nailed one of the Elite Snoss.

Elite Snoss: @#$%@#$^ OFF! #$%@#$%!

Explorer: You remind me of someone I know. YAHHHHHH!


Explorer started chasing the Elite Snoss Soldier down the hill with his shovel, with the Snoss yelling at him.

Austin was engaged in a fistfight with Dave. Dave, sadly, was no fighter. He was kicked in between the flippers and fell to the floor in pain.

The Hochstadt Gang quickly fled find themselves at the edge of a ridge.

Explorer had sucessfully beaten down the Snoss Soldier (Who was laying on the snow moaning about shovels.), but the other one pushed him to the edge too.

Austin: That tern can't help you now! I have an override to that!

Explorer: An override to a MASTER?

Austin: Hey, I've got connections.


Austin sighed.

Austin:"Johnathan, let's do this the good way. Hey you! Elite Snoss Guy! Take on Piper. And you! Jacques. Take down Dave. He's already weak. I'll take Fuut-Ga, and Pen-Chi can have Jock. Oh, Rentu? Take on Vickers. And Java! Take Explorer. That's all of them. Johnathan, help the rest."

He stared at Akbaboy.

Austin: He's not down?!?


Akbaboy: OWWWWWCH!

Akbaboy fell down and fainted.

Austin: "Wow."

Java flew at Explorer, blasting Ditto Snowballs at him here and there.

Explorer, however, was ready for that.

Explorer:"Hey! You! JAVA BEANS!

Java yelled at Explorer and grabbed him. They rolled down the hill, exchanging blows. Explorer flew up into the air with his propellor hat. Right as he was about to deliver a nasty blow to Java's skull, Java headbutted him. No matter HOW smart Explorer was he couldn't dodge it. The manuver was executed in less than a second, and he had no chance. They banged heads together, and then both promtly fainted.

However, Jacques wasn't having nearly as much luck with Dave.

Dave had recovered from Austin's kick and was overpowering Jacques. Jacques wasn't really a fighter, but he was beaning Dave over the head with his fist.

Austin was not impressed, but he didn't have much time to think about that. Fuut-Ga was attacking him rapidly and kept dissapearing. It annoyed Austin to fight an enemy he couldn't see. He jabbed back and fourth, hitting thin air.

Meanwhile, in the BoF.


Mayor McFlapp: "Because the bally good guys are supposed to win, wot?"

XTUX: "Yeah? I'm gonna curse you with wikicode if you don't agree! RIDIKCULOS! <b> and <big>!


The mayor quickly undid it.


A sparkle of red light flashed, and Weegee appeared.

Mayor McFlapp had enough. He deleted Weegee by hitting a button on the Organ. And then banged XTUX over the head with a coathanger.


Mayor McFlapp: Brain Freeze. Literally.

XTUX's head made a clunking noise, and he fell over.

Right after that, Director Benny came in.


The Mayor grinned at Benny and swung his coathanger at him.

And Benny chased back.

Suddenly, the fight started going in the Hochstadt Gang's favor. It was 15 minutes since Akbaboy fainted and he recovered soon enough. The fight was, well, pretty much at a stalemate. Java and Dave were laying on the ground crying, as Java had kicked Dave in between his flippers and Dave had fell on him. He sneaked into a bush and got out a KEI Cannon. He aimed it at Austin and fired it. Strangely, Fuut-Ga appeared and got hit.


Fuut-Ga ran into Austin, where Austin fell down and banged his head. He started yelling about "UNFAIR MASTERS" and "XTUX HAS FAILED ME" while rolling on the floor in pain. Fuut-Ga, however, tripped and rolled right on Akbaboy's weak spot (a.k.a his left foot).


And with that, he fainted. Fuut-Ga stood up and wobbled until he fell onto him.

Akbaboy: OW!

Meanwhile, Jock and Piper were trying to take the Elite Snoss, Johnathan, and Rentu.

Piper wasn't having much of a problem, shooting random shots off of his gun. However, Johnathan was easily dodging them, while Rentu was shooting blasts of fire at Jock, who was yelling and running away. Pen Chi had knocked out Vickers.

However, right then, Piper leapt onto the Elite Snoss and telekinetically threw him down the hill, where he rolled to a stop with his partner, Explorer, Java, and Dave.


Unluckily, Pen Chi leapt on him, punched him in the face, grabbed him by his hair, and started whirling in circles. He let go, and Piper went flying down the hill to land on Java's head.

Pen Chi: That's for insulting my yellow snow and calling me a @#$%@#$%!

Unluckily for Rentu, Jock had thrown his viking hat at him, stunning him. He then leapt onto Rentu and started beating on him violently. Also, Explorer had gotten back up and was banging Java on the head with his shovel while yelling "101Z, 91FFL3$!". He obviously had gone into Phreaker Mode, and Java was running away. He lit his jetpack, and shot off...straight into Akbaboy, who had just stood up. They both crashed into a rock and were out for the count.

The only contenders that were left was Austin, who had finally recovered, Johnathan, Swiss Ninja (who was sitting on a rock, observing the battle while moaning about "his poor head"), Jock, Pen Chi, Explorer, Clovis (Who was still searching for Pen Chi. He came back, screamed, and hid.), and Corai, who had just teleported to his friends.

Rentu was moaning on the ground, as Jock had taken care of him.

Corai was shaking in fear as Johnathan approached him.

Suddenly, Pen Chi vanished in a puff of smoke.

Austin: "WHAT?!? #@$%#@$%! HE'S GONE, THAT @#$%@#$%!"

Rentu picked himself up and dissapeared in a flash.

Akbaboy finally awoke.

Explorer: Well, I knew he was going to get away anyway. Peeked a look at the script...who changed it? I have no idea who.

Clovis threw his juggling balls into Johnathan's face. Johnathan retaliated by freezing him with several Ditto Snowballs.

Jock, however, was sneaking behind Austin, who was easily dispatching Corai with his knicicles. Explorer was dueling with Austin at the same time, but Johnathan was hindering his cause.


Swiss Ninja fell to the ground. Austin gasped and turned to see Jock standing over him with a rock.

Austin: He's...dead?

Explorer: It's a rock, genius.

Austin: Hey!

Johnathan: Honestly, that was the most epic, yet pointless fight I've ever been in.

Corai: I hate fighting.

Austin: Oh come on, we're gonna quit? That's so Anti-Climatic.

Java sat up.

Java: I honestly don't care at this point. Honestly, the Kaiser ALWAYS gets his way. Sheesh. Let em recover in a hospital or something. Say, let's go to Las Puffles! Rounds on me!

Austin: YEAH!

Ak: I have one thing though. Can I be neutral instead of being with the Hochstadt Gang?

Austin: Uhhh... sure?

Ak: Thanks.

Explorer: "No thanks, I don't care for gambling. I honestly have buisness to do."

He grinned at the gang and teleported away.

Ak: Hochstadt Gang, I was kidding. I'll just be inactive.

He suddenly whispered in Jock's ear.

Ak: But I'll sometimes come and give you tips secretly.

Eventually, the Hochstadt Gang (And the Anti-Hochstadt Gang) departed. Austin realized he had already got revenge. Plus, it would be nice to see Swiss's face when he heard what happened.

Two weeks later, after a splurge in Las Puffles.

Austin:"HEY! YOU! WAKE UP!"

Swiss opened his eyes, and saw Austin's face. With a black eye and several scratches.


Austin laughed.

Austin:"That's not all. Pen Chi escaped. And guess what? We didn't even have to have a brutal fight to the death! Oh, Java, and Johnathan spent about 8000 coins in a splurge in Las Puffles. It was nice, but, eh, we used your bank account."

Swiss's face froze, and he fell off his bed. A nurse rushed in and pushed him off.

Java: Oops...that was a bit much.