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The Masher-Meeter
You can meet a new person every five seconds!
Vital statistics
Type Self-made machine by three kids
Effects It rotates SUPER fast and you have five seconds to impress somebody.
Source Phineas34720, Rocket Slug, and Ferb90210 (partially)
Location Slugster-Meltissimo backyard
Cost to buy Not for sale
Cost to sell Not for sale, but worth it.

It all started one potentially boring summer day, when Agent Meltie was stressed about Jimmy canceling a date. She was so unhappy and she screamed loudly. She looked in her magazine and found an article titled, "What does it mean if your boyfriend breaks a date?" She read the article, did the quiz, and found out from the chart that Jimmy doesn't like her. She cried and then her siblings said, "What's wrong?" She was in such a bad mood after this, she exclaimed, "Beat it, geeks, I'm having a crisis!" They found out from Ferb90210 (who is a TOTAL sissy in Normal Guy Mode) that Rihanna was in a serious funk. At first, they decided on a makeover, and they hired a clown. However, a clown added more problems. They were unhappy after that, and decided on telling some jokes. However, Agent just felt like punching them for dumb jokes. After that, they found out that they could introduce her to someone new. So they spent all morning building the Masher-Meeter. After it was built, they invited Agent and a lot of Freezelandians on to the machine. They started it up and Agent ended up barfing her guts out and meeting weird Freezeland residents, including LINK! However, near the end of the day, she went to get a Popsicle, and the person at the Popsicle shop was... JIMMY! She asked Jimmy what was up and he admitted that he just tried to earn some extra moola to surprise her. Agent beamed and after Jimmy got her money, the two had a romantic cruise together, and everyone was happy. However, a good invention went to waste.


This item can help you meet a new person every five seconds. It comes from Phineas, Ferb, and Rocketta. It looks like a giant Ferris wheel with extra seats and a fast motor.


  • It is a parody of the Mixer-Mingler from Phineas and Ferb.
  • It is still in the family backyard.

Internal Links[]

  • Link(he rode it 9 times)