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chiiy peper the magical tree
this is chiiy the magical tree ( this iis what he looks like at least)
Vital statistics
Title chiiy the magical tree
Gender we don't know its a tree
Race tree ever green i believe
Faction treeizom
Health i don't know i guess good
Level 999,999,999,999,999 (i know he's pretty awsome)
Status he's good but i think he's pretty lonely (ladies!)
Location he lives in club penguin he's usual server is sub zero ( this is where i always see him)

Every body asks is this a real thing? Well yes it is. Chiiy peper (the magical tree) is a very annoying tree. he hangs around club penguin dancing and speaking really loud. he basically is a tree with these funny glasses on. i you see him and you don't mind a creepy tree following you where ever you go then he will show you his penguin and his house other then that he hates being friends with any one he meets


The magical tree was found when the forest was opened up. He tells many (or some what)of his friends the story of how he became the magic tree. Rock hopper took care of this little sapling. He gave it shelter and food but soon the little sapling turned into a big sapling and got very annoying. Rock hopper wanted to give away the stupid sapling and new he would give it away to one "lucky" penguin but no penguin wanted the tree that danced and yelled all the time, so Rock hopper threw him in the forest.


He will follow you around until he says "GOOD JOB YOU HAVE DONE IT YOU ARE NOW MY BUDDY. YOU CAN NOW SEE MY HOUSE!" if you scream at him or yell at him that you want to be his friend he will leave you and start spamming you ( it has happen to me before -_- wasn't fun) he is currently single (ladies!?!?!) and he loves too dance.


1. He loves to dance around people 2. he loves annoying penguins even if you say go away 4. please do not report him or the magical tree will be no more the places you'll mostly find him: 1.the secret box place 2. dance club 3. the pizza parlor 4.the forest 5. the coffee shop the servers he usually are on is :

sub zero but if its full he might be on Klondike he is never on the non tying one's so if you go on those he probably won't be their

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