Club Penguin Fan Universe

Febuary 3, 2009[]

It was the beginning of Febuary of '09 and my birthday was coming up soon. It was a fair weather day, as I headed out to my job at the Coffee Shop. I am the cashier there, and it's a pretty boring job, since most people like to sit down and have their drinks. Eitherway, I still got paid the same amount every two weeks, wether the normal amount of customers came or not. I waddled into the shop, and went into the door marked, "EMPLOYEES ONLY". I changed into my apron and went behind the counter. It was a slow day and not may people came into the shop. Soon I got off of my shift and headed home. I fed my puffles and soon went to bed. But I couldn't sleep, so I went outside and stared up at the clear Antartican sky. Since there was no clouds, I could see many stars. There was no moon, which added to the star's dazzling beauty. I enjoyed it.

Febuary 21, 2009[]

Today the famous T.V. show, Antarctican Idol, came to it's last audition stop, which was here in South Pole City!! I auditioned and made the cut!! Next week we go and sing at the Plaza Stage! I'd better go get ready!

April 2, 2009[]

I got voted off Antarctican Idol today. I'm sad I had to leave, but I'm happy that I get to go back home. I'll miss all of the contestants and the judges, and everyone at Antarctican Idol.