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The Inquisition
Vital statistics
Name The Inquisition
Type Inquisition
Location In the area surrounding the CPW, searching for that secret Un-CP entrance.
Head The Inqusitor
Job Arbitrary arrest and detention

The Inquisition, also known as "Mockery's Worst Nightmare", the Antarctica Inquisition, the TurtleShroom Inquisition, and the Army of Decency, is a group of penguins who imprison, punish, and torture anyone who practices the Dark Arts Known as "low comedy".

This include swearing, harsh mockery, rude farce, immature humor, off-color humor, cliched jokes about reproduction, flatulence, or other items deemed "unholy" by the leaders of the Inquisition. Editing the Unnderground Clubb Phengin Weekee is the biggest crime, though.


The Inquisition was formed on December 14th, 2007, by the famous Inquistior, who was getting really tired of making fun of things. He and a band of several others united with the intention of purging the land of Un-CP and other nasty filth.

For a while, they were not very successful, but as time went on, more were drawn to the cause. Still, they were outnumbered by the Un-CP goons. They didn't have the weapons, the numbers, or the powers to crush such unholy behavior; that is, until a certain moralistic dictator funded them, and, through the power of favors and bribes, secured for them large black helicopters, black vans, weaponry, and dungeons.

TurtleShroom (penguin) had, for his lifetime, campaigned for the purging of the Un-CP from Antarctica. In fact, during his regime, he managed to criminalize editing that blackboard, driving them all underground, where they continued to edit illegally. Of course, things that are persecuted become stronger.

The Inquisition was bought out by Holyberden (they're a subsidiary) in 2009, and was backed later by various friends in high places. They continue to seek out and persecute Un-CP goons to this day. Nobody expects them.


Amongst their diverse weaponry are such elements as fear, suprise, ruthless effiency, an almost fanatical obbesssion with getting rid of the Un-CP, nice red uniforms... -oh drat! They're plagerizing!


  • They get minor funds from the HunEmpire.
  • They never got an UCPW editor to quit. Ever.

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