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Iceton Hotel
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Vital statistics
Type A beach hotel, contrary to the name.
Level 97
Location Right smack on Beachville's most popular beach.
Inhabitants Penguins on vacation, few puffles.

The Iceton Hotel is an expensive and luxiurious hotel on Beachville's most popular beach.


It was built in late 2002 and finished in early 2003.It was funded by the rich Iceton family.It underwent renovation in 2005 to add more rooms, due to the growing population of Clearwater Island and Beachville.It is now the largest hotel in all of Clearwater Island. It will be getting some competition soon, with the new mega-hotel being constructed. Karis Iceton also preforms in the grand dining room on occasion.


  • 15 floors and 205 rooms, including the penthouse suite, where Karis Iceton lives.
  • A gift shop.
  • The pool, spa, and sauna.
  • The lobby.
  • The five-fish restaurant.


Tourist penguins, Karis Iceton, the bellhops.


Cheesy souveniers, relaxation, beach items, excellent (and expensive!) food.

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