Club Penguin Fan Universe

The High Penguin Clans
The United Clans of High Penguins
Babbelonian Empire Flag
95 BC – 742 AD Blank

Flag of The HP Clans

Location of The HP Clans
Capital Arda
Government Clan rule
 - Established 95 BC
 - Disestablished 742 AD

The High Penguin Clans was a kingdom of Clans that was in modern-day Freezeland.


After the Babbelonian Empire was dissolved and absorbed into the Penguin Empire, the first Emperor hated High Penguins, so they retreated to Freezeland. The clans fought each other, and the Benagix and the Tusoles became the dominant Clans. In 200, barbarians from Freezelandic barbarians attacked them, but they were warded off. In 395, the Penguin Empire conquered them, but Imperial dominance didn't last long, because in 399, they allied with The Land of Khanz, and together they crushed the Penguin Empire.