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Volson Stonerunner, the headles Motorcycle-troll
This picture isn't the best, but it's the only one out there.
Vital statistics
Title The Headless Motorcycle-troll
Gender Male
Race Jungle Troll
Faction Himself
Level ??
Status Undead
Location Waiting for Halloween to come...

The Headless Motorcycle-Troll, otherwise known formerly as Volson Stonerunner is an undead Jungle Troll who now wants to ruin Hallowe'en for South Island, Skydale, The Northern Moraine and all nearby islands. All Hallow's Treats is partially to blame for his death.


When a Southern Kanta Penguin inadvertadly caused the creation of the Jungle Trolls, the stone creatures were leaderless to start off with, but a troll who called himself Volson Stonerunner announced to them that he will become their leader. They all agreed to his leadership.

Volson was considered by the Jungle Trolls as magestic, PWNsome and hunky (and also by Mabel, though she denies that she said that.) He managed to make the original troll settlement the greatest there was. It was beautiful, calm, and especially peaceful.

However, Volson inadvertadly caused a huge commotion when he declared for Hallowe'en to be banned, and every said no. He lost his power and became a lowly, political figure Jungle Troll politics.

After the construction of Mage's Cliff and Velari Falls, Volson continued putting up campaigns to ban Hallowe'en, each one failing. However, after the ghost incident at All Hallow's Treats, some of the ghosts learnt of this campaign, and got, naturally, upset. They decided to have revenge on the troll.

One Hallowe'en's night, the ghosts sent a motorcycle to Volson's house. Volson, thinking this was from a fan of his, decided to ride it. A ghost was hiding inside the vehicle, however, and the spirit casted a spell on Volson, causing him to actually lose his head.

The ghosts thought their revenge, but Volson's ghost has other ideas. His ghost, today now rides on a ghostly motorcycle, attempting to ruin Hallowe'en.


The Headless Motorcycle-Troll now arrives at Kanta Island every Hallowe'en, and attempts to ruin Hallowe'en by pulling pranks and stealing candy. He always fails though, but he still tries.


  • He LOVES Peanut Brittle.

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