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The Golden Pancake
Golden Pancacake1
Artists impression.
Vital statistics
Type Lost artifact
Effects Gives the wielder the power to destroy absolutely anything using blasts of electricity.Also gives them limited Electromagnetic powers.
Source Created by an Evil ex-ninja.
Location Somewhere in the mountains of Club Pnguin Island.
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Golden Pancake was created by an evil ex-ninja. It appears as a golden pancake with jewels around the edge and glows when used.


The Golden Pancake was created by an evil ex-ninja. He created it in an attempt to recreate The Golden Waffle. However, he could not find any waffle mix so he used pancake mix instead. It had no powers whatsoever. Then, suddenly, three (yes, three) bolts of lightning hit it at the same place ALL AT ONCE. It began to glow. The ex-ninja began glowing white and became surrounded by a glowing purple corona. Bolts of lightning shot from his flippers. He rampaged around, blasting anything that got in his way into oblivion. He revealed the source of his power to anyone who asked, but usually blasted them afterwards (All objects hit by his bolts were completely destroyed.) Then, as he was traveling through the mountains near Club Penguin, he tried to blast an Oogleclump, and thus it was lost, seemingly forever.

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