Club Penguin Fan Universe
PokeballZ, Rampalo and Firefun
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Vital statistics
Title The Evil Trio
Gender male
Race Possibly Penguins
Faction Space Travellers
Health Unknown
Level Over Everyone
Status Creating Trouble
Location Wandering
Occupation Making Trouble
Interests Universe Traveling
Friends Herbert, Darktan
Enemies USA
Archetype Throuble Makers

The Evil Trio is an Group of Penguin-Looking Unknown Creatures PokeballZ, Rampalo and Firefun. They are trouble Makers at Clubpenguin island and Portal Island. They can Travel To Diffrent Universes. Some Of The Known ones are Human Universe, Pokemon Universe, Dragon ball Universe and Ben 10 universe. They Supply Machine parts to Herbert and Darktan. They Can Transform their Bodies to Anything.


Nothing is Known But its Known that The Crab Who Broke The Glass in cp was orignally PokeballZ Transformed into a Crab, The Small Iceberg that Broke Rockhopper's Ship was Rampalo Transformed into an Iceberg. They were Not Known Until They Showed Up destroying The Dojo.



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