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The Coup of Director Benny
Vital statistics
Participants The Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature VS. Director Benny
Date July 3rd, 2009
Location Bureau offices

The Coup of Director Benny was a failed event in which Masters attempt to coup Director Benny and replace him.

The event[]

"You, McFlapp! I don't approve of you dropping logs on Mabel!" Benny yelled at the tern.

Then mayor looked melancholy. He has spent a good day working on a plot with Billybob to drop logs on the Puffle.

He sat at the organ's stool. The mayor opened Thunderlink and sent an email to the author. (Benny hasn't figured out to monitor emails yet.)

After clearing through his emails, on July 2, Billybob read the email the jolly mayor sent him. He realized Benny was a power abusing director that removed good plots.

He replied, "We should work on a story to get rid of him.... ee just need a broom closet in the office...."

"NOT A BALLY BROOM CLOSET WOT! Think jolly well different."

"Cross dimensional universe teleporting?"

"That's flipping it!"

"But how will we get through without Benny realizing the narration?"

Ned and Natalie stepped in.

"I think we can handle that." They both said in unison.

"Of bally course!" McFlapp shouted. "They'll invent a jolly transporter! If I don't narrate it, Bennny won't know! Do it at bally night, wot?"


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