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The Chillers are a band who play in Club Penguin. They have not had major success with their songs as of yet, however the band are gaining their way to professional status.


  • Mikes Mic (Pingu Penguin) (from WMS Cheats) (lead vocals, guitar)
  • Walshy3 (from WMS Cheats) (backing vocals, lead guitarist)
  • Sean53911 (from WMS Cheats) (lead percussionist/drummer)
  • Doomdude1000 (from WMS Cheats) (backing vocals, variety of instruments)

Chart Songs[]

  • The band play parodied versions of famous The Killers songs.

--Freezens Unknown (originally "For Reasons Unknown") | Peak Position: UK-4 ; US-3 ; FIN-14 ;

--Somebody Cold Me (originally "Somebody Told Me") | Peak Position: UK-1 ; US-2 ; FIN- n,r

  • n,r = Not Released In That Country


An album is currently in production, it is called Cold Fuss (originally "Hot Fuss").


The band play at WMS Parties, and have recently appeared at the famous Snowmusical Festival 2009. Where they performed "Somebody Cold Me", "Freezens Unknown" and the unreleased song: "Mr Iceslide" (originally "Mr. Brightside")