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The Book of Festival-Laws
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Vital statistics
Start December 12
End December 14
Prerequisites Finished Yuletide Woes
Level 15
Location West Yeti, and Frostborough
Rewards 900 Fyrø, and access to the quest Yule Be Sorry.
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Yuletide Woes Yule Be Sorry

The Book of Festival-Laws is both the name of the quest AND the name of a book that is the main objective of the mission-find the book. You will have to journey from West Yeti to Frostborough, both in Freezeland, and return the book to Mayor McFlapp.

The Quest[]

Bestowal dialogue[]

"As I said, there is nothing I can do to help you with Lobelia Sackville, as much as I would like to."

"Your only hope for getting a new festival-planner would be to search the Book of Festival-law for any adjuncts to the existing laws."

"I sent the Book of Festival-law to the library in the Great Knowledge for safe keeping. If you wish to further pursue the matter, you should seek out that book."


Will Whitefoot mentioned the Book of Festival-law, which may contain more information about Lobelia Sackvile supposed post as Yule-planner.

Objective 1[]

The Book of Festival-law is in the library of the Great Knowlegde in Frostborough, far to the east of West Yeti.

Will Whitefoot sent you to the library of great knowledge in Frostborough to search for the Book of Festival-law.

Objective 2[]

Will Whitfoot is at the Town Hall in West Yeti, far to the west of Frostborough.

You should return to Will Whitefoot with the Book of Festival-law.

Quest Complete!


900 Fyrø, and allows you to start the next quest, Yule Be Sorry.

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