Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Behemoth
The Behemonth
Vital statistics
Title The Behemonth
Gender Unknown
Race Demon Penguins/Monster
Faction Demon Penguins
Health Good
Level very high
Status alive
Location 5th level of the Underworld

The Behemonth is the biggest living land creature. It was created by the Demon Penguins, like the Leviathan.

3-D Demon found the original designs for the puffles. This got into the hands of the other Demon Penguins, and they decided to use one to make a large monster.

It has 6 legs to support it's weight, a large spaded tail and horns and tusks coming out of it's body. It is a herbivore, capable of devouring whole forests overnight.


After making the Leviathan, the Demon Penguins wanted to create a ginormous land creature. However, they couldn't find out what creature to use. The only major land creature on Antarctica was the Puffles and Penguins, and they were deemed to weak. However, 3-D Demon got a hold of some designs for what the puffle would look like in the Bureau of Fiction. They liked one of it, and used that to create the Behemoth. They added horns and tusks to make it more menacing.

Behemoth on Club Penguin Island

Clearly, not a creature to be messed with (Artist interpretation, Behemoth is much bigger)


  • Slendar sometimes confuses this creature with a large dinosaur.