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The Auzziez Rulez Show is a show that Auzziez Rulez stars in.

Theme music[]

The theme music is produced by The Snow Gang. The song is To:Auzziez Rulez From: The Snow Gang.


When was this show created? It was on 04/08/2009. His puffles gave it to him as a birthday present.


There are many characters on this show. Here is a list of the main characters:

Season 1 Episode List[]

Happy Birthday, Auzziez Rulez![]

This is the first episode of the series.


It starts off at 03/08/2009, 9:34 PM. Auzziez Rulez is up late reading his new book, called Zappoze: Cheats Book 1. He only reads it for cheats on his Xbox Live game, Zappoze. He was already in his boxers, with his MP3000 in his ears. Well, Auzziez Rulez finishes the book, the time being 11:59 PM. He makes a decision to stay up late and wait till the new day. 12:00 AM strikes, and Auzziez Rulez springs into bed. He only has a 4-hour snore, sut that time it is his birthday. He wakes up his puffles, and they sing " IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! ". Then they give him his mystery gift...

Pirates Treasure[]


It is February, and Auzziez Rulez wants a decent way to spend the rest of his Summer. He heads off to the beach, and I Love Tacos thinks of a plan. He gets Triple Zero and Bubble Gum to come along with him to the Migrator. When their owner finds out that they've gone missing, he decides to call 000 on his cell phone. But he accidentally calls the fire department, and they're no use. When the cops arrive, he tells them about the missing puffle trio. Back on the Migrator, I Love Tacos accidentally knocks over one of Rockhopper's Ship-In-A-Bottles. When the pirate captain finds out, he blames Bubble Gum. The yellow puffle is very angry, and turns red. I Love Tacos soon fesses up, and tells Rockhopper the truth. Auzziez Rulez is happy by this, and tells I Love Tacos that honesty is better than letting others getting blamed.