Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Anniversary Party was a huge celebration which was celebrating the 4th year of Club Penguin. It was held in the Coffee Shop.

Chapter I: The Ten Day Countdown[]

On a bright Sunday morning, USA president Billybob went to country after country to announce that Club Penguin was having their four-year anniversary. However, he said that it was in ten days so they had to wait. "I better get Yorkay and my friends from the Mwa Mwa Attackers to come so that we can attack them." said Flywish.

Meanwhile, penguins were setting up the party. Penguins stood around the Coffee Shop cheering as the Coffee Shop was being built. "Need any help?" asked Flywish. "Sure, we need to hide something special in the cake for penguins, you have anything?" asked the cook. "I have coins, lot's and lot's of coins" replied Flywish. "Not coins! It's illegal to give away coins in Club Penguin!" said the cook. "Ummm... let me see what I have in my hoodie pocket" said Flywish. Just then, Gary the Gaget Dude walked up and gave the cook a bunch of birthday hats inside the Coffee Shop. "Hide these in there" said GGD. "Perfect!" said the cook as he put the birthday hats in the cake. "Anything else you need me and GGD to do?" asked Flywish. "You seem pretty strong, why don't you go outside the Coffee Shop and guard so Herbert doesn't come." said G. "OK!" said Flywish.

Chapter II: Seven Days![]

Female penguins screamed, male penguins cheered, the party was only seven days away. Hundreds of bands auditioned. for the celebration and another audition to have the big night party to celebrate the seven day wait. Ice Day was chosen for the party and the night celebration's band was Pizza. The night wait was held at the Night Club where DJ Crow was the warm up DJ. Cadence held Dance Contests as Flywish was pulling off disco moves to impress the ladies. Even Disco Puffle was dancing but no one was interested in him.

To be continued