Club Penguin Fan Universe
That's How It's Supposed to Be (Or, offcially, The First Part of the Journies of Willy the Penguin)
The first part in an epic trilogy
Vital statistics
Participants Willy the Penguin, Several other characters who are pulled into it
Date August 2010- Janurary 2011
Location Club Penguin, South Pole City, USA, various other places, various places in time

The following story comes from the viewpoint of Willy the Penguin, who now has limited immunity from the BOF and the Code of Conduct, mostly because he became Oceanrock and threatened them with a Lemon Margarine pie in the face. And so now even though Willy has limited freedoms from the COC, (i.e.- writing a story from his point of view) he's still under watch. but only as Oceanrock, only because nobody really knows that Willy is in fact, secretly a psychotic weirdo who dresses in a ridiculous costume.

Description- Willy the Penguin unwittingly goes off on an adventure, and at the same time, comes to terms with his possible psychological disorder. He also meets several others who help or hinder him on his journey. But the question is- What exactly is the point of it?

Chapter 1: Sorry the Introduction took so Long[]

I woke up from my bed, at about five in the morning. Don't know why, though. I usually sleep until eight or nine.

Regardless, as explained in the intro, I now have a few immunities from the COC. (I can hear Turtleshroom (penguin) ranting now!)

Anyhow, I got up from bed, and went into the kitchen, where Matt was making chocolate chip pancakes. He loves cookies, but he loves chocolate even more. Since puffles really don't have food that can poison them, I guess I can be biologically incorrect.

"Hey Willy," said Matt. "Want a pancake or are you going to work an early shift or something at the coffee shop?"

That's when I remembered why I got up so darn early. My alarm clock went off, mostly because my shift started at six, and I like to be up early if I have something to do that day.

I went to my coat rack and grabbed my cap and went out the door. (What, you think I take off my hoodie when I sleep? No, I only do that when wash it, yeah, I know, it's a weird thing, but c'mon, would you expect anything less from me?)

As I walked down to the shop, I saw the usual crowd. Those crazy penguins who think they're chicks, some break-dancers, a few penguins coming of the Stage, weeping, some penguins doing that after they came out of the Pizza Parlor, (is it just me or is everyone here overly sensitive?) and as I walked through the Town, I saw a few penguins who think they're "fashionly synch", or whatever. I spoke with DJ Crow, my associate in music and the local DJ for the Night Club.

As I entered the Coffee Shop, the front door bell rang and that familiar music that I'd grown to love piped throughout the building.

"Hey, right on time," said a voice I've heard for about three years of my life.

Explorer, dressed in a Barista apron walked up to me.

"So, how's it been going, any early business?" I asked Explorer.

"Nope. Say, something seems different about you."

"Yeah. A "friend" of mine got me immunity from McFlapp's and Billybob's works. I can speak freely and in the first person in stories now, but those are my limitations, from it, actually."

"Ah, I've been able to bend those rules a bit as well. But don't you think somebody will cry foul about this? You know how some of those more "righteous" guys are."

"I'll be fine. Even if something does happen, I'll just get 'em with my diplomatic immunities."

After a while of discussing things, I noticed it was six, where a lot of penguins typically come in.

Me and Explorer, as well as a few others who have absolutely no significance in this story started to serve coffee and other hot beverages to paying customers.

After eight hours of serving coffee, unauthorized eating of whipped cream and coffee cake, and breaks, my shift was over and I headed out with Explorer ahead of me.

Chapter 2: That Last Chapter Actually Had More to Do with the Rest of the Story than You'd Think[]

As I was walking, (or waddling, whatever) I passed by Amigopen.

"Hi," I said to him.

"Hey, aren't you that silly sidekick that travels around with That Guy with the Sunglasses? And don't you have Multiple Personality Disorder?"

Yeah, that sort of thing happens all the time when I talk to people, er, penguins.

He then walked away. I knew what he meant. I have several alter-egos, but I've never been Medically Diagnosed, mostly because I've never been tested for it.

As I continued waddling towards the Lighthouse to harass wannabe bands, but I turned my head.

Two large penguins wearing expensive looking suits grabbed my arms.

"Get in the van," one of them said.

"Where do you guys come from? Why are you here? Why is that van purple and polka-dotted?!"

"Those questions shall be answered in due time."

The penguins threw me and shut the back door.

Since there was a wall blocking the view to the front seats, it was pitch black in the back of the van, save a few little lights and the bottom of each wall. And they were dim. Talk about bad service.

After hours of being in a dark van with only a coloring book, (but since there were only really dim lights, I couldn't even color the duck right) and crayons, I was grabbed by the penguins again and hit on the head with a frying pan.

After being unconscious for a bit, I opened by eyelids (Yes, that's right. You close your eyelids, not eyes) to a room filled with technology. A few penguins were working at computers, but the penguin sitting in a Tokujin Yoshioka chair that really caught my attention.

"Where the heck am I?" I asked and turned by head from left to right repeatedly.

"You, my technological impaired friend, are in the lair of the MEGA DORKS! Or Humongousaur Nerds or...." said the guy sitting on the Tokujin Yoshioka chair. But when he said that, he stood up.

"Um, I don't think that's something to be proud of."

"Oh yes, it is. All throughout life, we nerds have been mocked for being super duper smart! Just because The Big Guy blessed us with intelligence, ours peers have to cruelly insult us! It's outrageous!"

"I know what you me," I said as I remembered what my friends said back when I first met them.

"You do?! Your super duper smart as well?!"

"Well, I was cruelly mocked for being a weirdo."

"Ah. So are you holding a large grudge like all of us?"

"To whom?"

"ALL OF EVERYBODY!" said the penguin standing in front of the Tokujin Yoshioka defiantly. "So, do you?"

"Nope. I don't hold grudges. Helps you live longer. Or is that just with humans?"

"WHAT?! You were mocked and shamed and you don't even hate the people who did it?!"

"Nope. Not to get self-righteous or anything, because that would be OOC, but to be honest, there's no reason to hate people and be mean to them."

"Very well then. TO THE LOW RATE ROOM WITH YOU!" shouted the penguin as guards carried me downstairs and into a cushiony room.

"Have a nice time," taunted the guards as they shut the door.

"HELLO SONNY!" I turned my head to see a crazy old penguin wrapped up in a strait-jacket.

"Who the heck are you?"


"How did you get down here?"

"Don't you know? I used to be a GIANT nerd! And when I wanted to become an athlete, they just threw me in here! HEE HEE HEE!"

That's when I realized that the nerds were probably some sort of multi-regional group that has seriously messed views on life.

And that I needed to escape.

Chapter 3: Pirates, Bounty Hunters, and Bridge[]

"Hey Old guy, can you help me get out of here?"


"All right fine. Dennis, can you help me escape?"


A guard walked by our cell.

"Hello mister. Can I see your baton?

"Sure thing. Just don't beat me over the head with it!" The guard laughed as he handed it to Dennis.

"TAKE THAT, AND THAT!" screamed Dennis as he beat the guard to the ground and stole his keys.

After opening the door for me, I thanked Dennis.

"No problem sonny. HEE HEE HEE!"

I ran out the emergency exit, which turned out to be a bad idea, considering the fact that it made a loud alarm go off, alerting the penguin sitting in that oddly named chair.


"Sir, you should see this," said a penguin sitting behind a computer.

My cell door was still open, the guard was still knocked out, and I wasn't in it.


"Phew. Running is tiring". I thought as I stopped running from the Nerds.

I looked around.

"I'm sure not in Dorkugal, that's for certain."

I started walking, but I stopped to check if any guards were on a my cute little penguin tail.

Then I looked down. I was standing forty feet away from the island, and in midair.

"Thank goodness for cartoon physics. But if I realize it than-"

I plummeted towards the ocean.

"I'll only ask this one more time. Where is he?" shouted the leader of the Nerds. (The guy sitting in the oddly named chair)

"Nowhere Quince," said Dennis.





"But they haven't started firing yet," said MamboFamboLookyHereCheeseSandwich Quincy.

"I know. It was for dramatic effect."

"Look, he's waking up!"

I sat up. I was on a boat. A sailor was looking at me straight in the face.

"Ugh. That was a nasty fall I had there" I said.

"Yep! When we got you, you were sputtering and saying that you were a mermaid!"

"Wait, what?"

"Yep and then a lobster, and then an orca. Strange isn't it?"

I think my supposed disorder has reached new heights.

"I believe this penguin has Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder," said a penguin dressed in a white lab coat who entered the room.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"The ship's resident doctor."

I just looked at him with a quizzical look on my face.

"What, you think these guys are stupid? What if they get harpooned are something?"

"No, I looked at you quizzically is because, well, why do you think I've got Dissociative Identity Disorder?"

"Well, I've just reviewed the facts. You believed you were different things, I called up contacts on your portable phone there, and all of them said that you were one persona or another at one time or another."

"Yeah, but lots of penguins I know have different personalities!"

"But you on the other hand, have different personas."


"At different times, you believe your an entirely different person!"


"It's not a bad case however. If you just learn to control it and come to terms with it, it shouldn't be much of a problem."

"Thanks doc."

"No problem."

"All right men," said Quincy, who was playing Bridge with his assistants. "We have to capture that infernal non grudge holding penguin!"

"But how are we going to do that?" asked one assistant.

"Yes, how?" asked another.

"We hire him again."

"Him?" gulped yet another assistant.

"Yes. He's are only method."

"BRING OUT THE BOUNTY HUNTER!" commanded Quincy.

"This.... is going to be sweet," Quincy said with an evil grin.

A sailor rushed into the captain's quarters.


"Poop. Can we turn around?"

"No sir. The storm is too heavy and that Maelstrom is pulling us in too fast! If we turn around, we'll just go in backwards!"

"Yeesh. I hate going backwards down waterslides, or anywhere for that matter. All right then, we'll just have to go down the storm!"

"What, are you CRAZY?!" I asked the two. "I'm ready to die yet! I still have to give this girl a Creme Brulee!"

"Then jump out and swim, boy!" suggested the captain.

"You guys are very nice. See you later, that is if you survive this!'

"We'll try our best."

With that, I exited the room and saw the humungous whirlpool, with a thunderstorm to match.

"Man. It's so cliche to have a maelstrom accompanied by a storm. Same thing with funerals, only with just the rain." Then I dived into the cold water.

Which turned out to be a very stupid idea.

A motorcycle revved up.

A large penguin put on a helmet.

He was clad with a leather vest, white v-neck, blue pants and black boots. He also had a fruit pistol, a deletion rifle, and an assortment of a variety of weaponry.

After checking himself in a portable mirror, he drove off a ramp from a building garage.

The building of the Giant Nerds.

The guy on the motorcycle then got caught in traffic.

When I woke up, (the third time I'd been unconscious that day) I was washed up on a shore. It wasn't the island the GN (Giant Nerds) were on, as I couldn't see their hundred foot tall building. Yeah, it was that big.

I stood up and brushed myself off. Where was I?

I looked behind me and saw a jungle.

"That's weird. I must be somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere if there's a jungle behind me," I thought aloud.

That's when a parrot flew out of the jungle.

"OOKY OOKY!" it shouted.

"Where am I?" I asked the parrot.

"Dominica! Dominica!" answered the parrot.

"Hmm," I said as I pulled out a map of islands and archipelagos from my inventory and found Dominica.

"Whoa. That's a long way from Antarctica."

I looked back at the parrot, who was now gone.

"Plucky bird, plucky bird!" said the parrot as I saw a huge pirate ship looking over me in the shallow water.

"Aye, another penguin it be," said the pirate captain. (I know that because he was wearing a tricorn hat, and if I know anything about pirates, it's that the tricorn hat is always on the captain's head)

"Grab 'em!" shouted the captain.

Suddenly, two pirate penguins came down to me on ropes and carried me back up. They dropped me in front of the captain.

"Say, ye face look familiar, do I know ye?"

"Captain Jack Penguin?" I asked him.

"Ah! Ye be that penguin who tried to join me crew!"

"Um, what the heck are you doing in Dominica?"

"To go to Port Royal!"

"Um, that place has been destroyed."

"Well, there's no harm in going there as tourists! Now become your pirate self and be temporarily part of me crew!"

I went into a cabin and turned into Pirate Willy, then I went out to the main deck.

As we sailed, I caught glimpse of Port Royal.

"Almost there cap'n!" I said to Jack.

"Excellent! But before we dock, I have an idea!"

Turns out Jack's plan was actually more ridiculous than I imagined.

We were going to roll the ship over when it was sunset.

"You can't be serious," I said.

"We're doing it anyway!" said Jack.

"What the heck. Let's do this!"

At sunset, Jack gave the signal.

All his crew (including me) pushed on the right side of the ship.

"HARDER!!" demanded Jack.

I pushed as hard as I could.

Before I knew it, the entire ship and everyone on it were submerged underwater.

"Swim to the other side and push up!" commanded Jack.

How was he talking underwater? But then again, his voice was just a bunch of bubbles that made somewhat of a sound.

As the crew and I did what we were told, swimming up against the vassal, we eventually turned it upwards.

When we did, however, I noticed that everything was different.

We docked in Port, but I noticed that the Port was still operating, with buccaneers and cutthroats, the whole lot.

"What the heck did we do?" I asked Jack.

"Aye ladie, don't ye nothin'? We've traveled back to Jamaica, 1678!" answered Jack.

"But how?"

"Darned if I knew! Now be a good cabin boy and watch me ship!" Jack laughed as he went to probably go get some Cream Soda.

I was sitting on a box when I saw some mean looking pirates come towards me.

I was ready to fight them, although I don't carry weapons, unless completely necessary.

All they did was push me aside.

"Hey pretty," said the pirate with a black handlebar mustache.

"Leave me alone Jacque. Your a mean poopyhead!"

"I'll you YOU whose a mean poopyhead!"

"Leave her alone... Jacque," I almost started laughing.

"WHO SAID THAT?!" yelled the angry pirate.


"YOU'RE DEAD MEAT!" Jacque started after me.

Just as he was about to get me, I sidestepped and then tripped him, causing him to fall into a pile of puffle waste.

"Actually, I would call myself quite clever," I said as all the penguins who witnessed it started to laugh.

"What was quite brave of you," said the female penguin.

"Mon cheri", I assure you it wasn't a problem at all."

That's when Jacque grabbed me from behind and started to run with me towards the water.

Thankfully, I'd dealt with enough school bullies to how to deal with these things.

I simply kicked him in the pants.

He fell to the ground with a thud.

"You'd think a big guy like you would able to be tougher to fight."

Of course the reason I was being so cocky and suave is because that's what my pirate persona is. He's also very cunning. And jerky.

Everyone cheered.

I heard such things as "He was such a jerk!" and "Serves him right!"

That's when I was once again grabbed from behind, but by a different penguin.

"Who the heck are you?!"

"I'm just a guy with a compass, a map, and you, my friend."

"This ought to be good," I said as he carried me off.

The motorcyclist rode into the Metropolis which could be traveled to if one took a ferry.

I suppose he was looking for me.

But he didn't know I was in the year 1678 at the time.

"What do you want?" I asked the penguin.

"To find the Fountain of Youth. You can help me. With your fighting skills, we could unstoppable!"

But I was already gone at "Fountain".

I then boarded Jack's ship, threw a rock at Port, or Starboard, or whatever, turned the ship over, turned it back up, and soon enough, I was back at my own time.

Just to be sure, I checked my dimensional hopper.

"Yep. 2010. But what's this? It's September first!"

As I said that, I could see the dawn.

Chapter 4: Bound and Gagged[]

As I changed back to my old self, I pulled out out a framed photograph of Basil from my inventory.

"Sigh. If there's any reason for getting back home, it's her."

I put the picture away and ran up to a ferry dock. Little did I know that the bounty hunter was probably going to get me when I got to the city on the small island the ferry was going to.

As I arrived at the city that was just a mere fifteen miles across water, from the Nerd's island, I saw some guy wearing a bandana around his beak, with some really cool shades to match., on a motorcycle.

He was looking right at me.

"Hello!" I said to him, waving.

"You're going to die," the guy responded.

"Yeah, let me um, just uh, RUN AWAY!" I screamed as I began to ran through the mass crowds of penguins, all going places.

But the guy on the motorcycle was right behind me.

Knowing that he would probably flatten penguins, he hopped off his bike and began after me.

Fortunatly for me, I've ben in several sitatuions that required Parkour, or Free-running, to escape, and this was one of them.

I ran until I hit a chain link fence, with the guy following me.

I climbed up it, with him on my butt.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I said as I landed on the other side and began running again, with him still after me.

Sadly, I began to run out of breath, and that's when he caught up with me.

"You're mine now, shrimp," he snarled in my face, as he grabbed the front of my hoodie.

"Please don't kill me," I said meekly.

He threw me on the ground and lifted his flipper.

His boots had spikes underneath them.

"Don't worry, this will only hurt.. A LOT!" he laughed as he stepped on..

The right side of my hoodie.

"Missed, sucker," I said as I wrestled out of my hoodie, exposing my white t-shirt I wear underneath it.

As I shook my butt in his face, I could tell we was ticked.

Knowing that, I ran like heck.

Now, under the impression that I was a lunatic from the populace, mostly because I was running with a large penguin behind me, I could see why.

And thats when I ran into the local airport.

I looked around. I think I lost him.

"Huh, South Pole City-Metropolitan International Airport," I said aloud as I read the sign above me.

Then the guy showed up, ready to kill me.

"He can't be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree," I said as I snuck behind a counter and became Aviator Willy.

Sure enough, he left, without any realization I had changed clothes.

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" shouted a penguin at me.

"You should be at Terminal 2! Get moving!" yelled the penguin, who was dressed like a flight attendant.

As he shoved him off, I tried to tell him that I didn't actual work here.

But he didn't want to hear it.

"SkyJet Flyer Flight 7897 to Polaris has been delayed 4 hours, because of your dilly-dallying. You must get into the cockpit immediately!"

But, I headed to the wrong terminal, which was the general avaition terminal.

With that, he left and I knew I was in trouble.

Chapter 5: Crash Landing[]

As I entered the cockpit, I immediately knew something was wrong. Mostly because I noticed there was a framed picture of my friend Sancho Monte Captio, his wife Katy and son Jacob.

"Poop! Sancho's supposed to be the pilot!"

Just then, Sancho walked into an Air Traffic Control Center, or for the sake of lazy writers, ATCC.

"AHEM." Sancho said impatiently.

"Good day Mr. Capito, how are you?"

"Well, considering SOME idiot let ANOTHER idiot pilot an aircraft I was supposed to fly, I'd say fine-and-dandy."

"Oh, good."

"THAT WAS SARCASM! Now let me talk to Flight 9805," said Sancho, grabbing a microphone.

"Will! Willy!" Sancho spoke into the microphone.

"Oh hi Sancho!" I said, waving.

"Listen Willy, before you start that plane..."

"Sorry, can't hear you. Too much air pressure! I'm cruising at about 9,000 feet!"

"WHAT?! You're not supposed to go THAT high!"

"I know, but it's funner this way!"

"Willy, two things: One- Do you have a pilot's license, and two- it's "more fun" not "funner".

"Yes, and I like funner more."

"Well, now that I know you're capable of flying that thing-"

I did a barrel roll.

"WILLY! What the heck?!"

"I thought the passengers would like a barrel roll to spice up the flight.

Sancho did a face-plam and that very sentence.

"It is illegal to do anything like that on commercial flights. The FAAA will revoke your pilot license."

"Willy, listen very carefully. I need you to land this thing. Can you do that?"

"I already landed at the correct airport!"

"How in the world did you do that?"


"Wait- what? Never mind. Let me get over there."

I waited at an airport entrance as Sancho appeared.

"Oh good you're here," I said with a smile.

"Look, next time you want to fly an aircraft, make sure it's your's okay?"


"Pretty impressive flying. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I'll be letting you use some of my private jets. Just not my personal family one."


"Goodbye, I am late for a meeting at the SkyJet Airways headquarters, now." Sancho said as he left the room.

"What a nice guy."

Chapter 6: Let's Get Somewhere in This Story![]

As I walked outside, I saw him.

He looked at me in anger.


I began to run, but he shot a tranquilizer dart into my neck.

I woke up, tied to a chair and the Head Nerd staring down at me.

"Good morning, sleepy head."

"Great. YOU guys again.

"Yep! And now you're about to leave Antarctica!"

"Wait- say what?"

"I found out your name from Dennis, and spread a vicious rumor about you and now the people have voted! You're leaving!"

"WHY?!" I yelled, confused.

"Keith, roll film!" commanded the Head Nerd as a muscular penguin fidgeted with a projector.

"Oh, let me do it, you buffoon!" The Head Nerd said as he sprayed Keith with a water bottle.

The film started playing.

I saw something that resembled a Public Service Announcement that was saying I committed a vicious crime, which was, of course, creating mutant freaks in my basement.

The film stopped playing.

"You see, my good chap, I used YOUR name to cover up MY evil scheme. Soon enough, mutant freaks will be running around Antarctica, transforming innocent penguins into zombified work-ethical slaves!! AH AHA HA HA HA HA!"

He stared at me, in embarrassment.

"Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away."

"You can't do this!" I protested.

"I can, and I will. Take him away boys!" The Head Nerd commanded as his henchmen dragged me out.

"Give my regards to Broadway," I said as I was tranquilized once again.

I woke up in the back of a van. Well, more like one of those trucks with a tarp over the bed.

I was in wing-cuffs, and I knew what I had to do.

Get my freak on.

I squeezed my fists as hard as I could and broke free of the cuffs. I then put on my familiar black and red suit.

I had become Oceanrock.

Which also meant I had become deranged.

I tried to break through to the front seats.

" LITTLE PIGS LITTLE PIGS LET ME COME IN!" I broke through, screaming "HERE'S JOHNNY!"

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! GET BACK THERE!" said the guy sitting on the right passenger seat.


I grabbed the guy in the passenger seat and threw him out of the truck.

The driver looked horrified.

"KEEP DRIVING! I don't have ALL day YA know!!" I shouted as I plopped down on the passenger seat.

I kept it quiet for a little while, than began interrogating the driver.

"So, where you takin' me in this rust bucket? Rome? Maybe Paris?"

"I- uh... um...."


"Well, I was supposed to stuff you in a garbage bag and throw you down a waterfall."

"Well now. THAT doesn't very PLEASANT, now DOES it?"

"No, no, I guess it doesn't."

"How's about we make A deal? HUH? I- I WILL take control OF- of this thing, and you'll hitch a ride back, alright?"

"Anything that allows me- me to live, I guess." stuttered the driver.


The driver slowly got out and I drove off.


Eventually, I regained consciousness and calmed down, trying to find my way out of the thick jungle.

I pulled out a map from my inventory.

"I don't see a jungle island around Antarctica. I must be, hmm-"

I couldn't finish my sentence, mostly because it was covered up by my "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!'s, as I accidentally drove the truck down a waterfall.

"Oh well. Give my regards to Broadway."

I woke up on a soft beach on the basin of the waterfall.

"Where the heck am I?" I asked myself as I got up and brushed myself off.

"Poopupua island! Right off the coast of scenic Terra Del Fuego!" answered a penguin with tribal markings on his face.

"Who the heck are you?" I asked him.

"I am the chief's advisor, in fact. I came down here to see what the "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"s were about."

"What day is it?"



"No, thanks," laughed the advisor.

"No, seriously. I like jokes just as much as the next guy, but, you know."

"It's October 28."

"Holy cow! I need to get back to Antarctica before the 30th!"


"My friends and I always celebrate Halloween, so I kinda have to get back."

"Ah! Friendship is very important, is it not? Don't worry my little acquaintance, we'll get you home."

With that, he lead me into his quite little village, just north of the basin.

The village was vast. In fact, vaster than any other 4 square mile village that I had ever saw.

The advisor stopped in his tracks.

"THE CHIEF IS IN TROUBLE!" he shouted loudly.

"Sheesh, you don't have to yell, I'm right here," I said.

He began towards the Chief's tent, and I rushed after him.

I heard moaning when we came in, and it was coming from some fat, stout penguin sitting on a throw pillow.

"What is wrong, my chief?" asked the Advisor.


"That's IT?!" I said, exasperated.


I thought about the question and said plainly:


"Hmm? What?" asked the chief, like he wasn't paying attention.

"Yeah, that's the answer to the ultimate question of life. 42." I answered.

"Oh. Well, thanks for telling me. I know can live my life knowing my life has meaning. Good day!"