Club Penguin Fan Universe

Terra Federation
MottoViva la Federation
AnthemTerra is our land!
(and )
New Pole City
Official languages Free Republic English
Recognised regional languages Terralish, Mounteese
Species  Penguins
Demonym Terrapeon
Membership Terra Federation Parliament
Government Republican Confederation
 -  President Nacanta Perrula
 -  Terra Federation Parliament Multi
Federation It's slightly Democractic, as the people can vote for the next President. 
 -  2000 Treaty of New Club Penguin signed; creation of Terra Federation, and the Terra Federation Enforcer Corps 
 -  2008 TerraMount becomes a major ally 
 -  2009 Terra Federation Enforcer Corps sent to Slumolia; war declared on United Cities of Swiss Ninja 
Currency Dauroes (ĎÁÚ)

The Terra Federation, also known as the TF, is a country located west of Scoodlepeep and Satellite City. It's a ally of TerraMount, and it has the third strongest military in Terra (TerraMount and Zero Reserve Army beat it). It does, however, have the Terra Federation Enforcer Corps, a peacekeeping force and the special operations forces. It's a very advanced country, and it's divided into four states: NorthTerra, ShieldTerra, Satellite Province, and Outer Terra Federation.


When UnitedTerra was found, not everyone agreed with the politics. Some Penguins didn't agree with the polices; they wanted a more Confederate state, and also, they wanted a more Republican view in politics.