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* '''2009''' -- TerraMount joins the [[UTR]]. The [[Slumolia|TailBEANS]] gather there forces around TerraMount.
* '''2009''' -- TerraMount joins the [[UTR]]. The [[Slumolia|TailBEANS]] gather there forces around TerraMount.
* '''2009''' -- The 2nd Mounteese Guards and the 5th TerraMount Force Recon conduct a recon mission in [[Slumalia]].
* '''2009''' -- The [[TailBEAN]]S cross the border, and invade. The 2nd Mounteese Guards are sent to defend the border.
== Sports ==
== Sports ==

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Environmentalist Krytocractic Free State of TerraMount
MottoUp we go!
AnthemNo official; see National Anthem of TerraMount
UnitedTerra Map
The map with TerraMount being the green land.
CapitalMount ThunderTern
Largest (Mount ThunderTern is the largest city)
Official languages Mounteese (Written and Spoken), Free Republic English (Spoken)
Recognised regional languages Free Republic English (Written and Spoken)
Species  TerraMount Penguin-78% Normal Penguin-12% Other-10%
Demonym TerraMounter
Government Environmentalist Kritocracy
 -  Judges of the TerraMount Court Judges
Legislature United Courts of TerraMount
Free State It's a Free State of UnitedTerra 
Currency Rocks & Leafs (R&L)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 900
It's a green state; there is only a few airports.

TerraMount, full name called Environmentalist Krytocractic Free State of TerraMount, is a mountain Free Republic in UnitedTerra. It's inhabited by the Terra Mountain Penguin, and it's in the lower end of a rich state. Half of the land and buissness is state property, though it's still a Free market state. Led by the Judges of the state, they've created a green state. Tourism is highly popular here. All power is created via the sun. If power goes down, reserved electricity will be used. This state is full of mountains; the capital is Mount ThunderTern. Although there is no lead Judge, Judge Konquer is considered to lead the Judges.


TerraMount was around way before UnitedTerra. It was divided into tribes, all around the land. Contact with other Penguins on the island was limited; trade had not been established. Soon, all tribees had to defend against Vampenguins, as the natives stopped there food supplies, in a risk of more attacks. With the help of High Penguins, they fended the Vampenguins off, driving them back to wherever they came from. However, the Vampenguins returned, seeking to take TerraMount. The natives held out once again but the Vampenguins still had the west part. A third war with the Vampenguins driven them out forever.

After the war with the Vampenguins, peace was restored. However, a group of Walrusses and some Fords, teamed up and nearly destroyed TerraMount. The natives could never hold out for long, and soon, Fords and Walrusses ruled supreme. They built a port, known as Port Valley Ford, to ship Penguins out. However, many natives saw this as the "Golden Age", as riches arrived and more Penguins flocked to TerraMount, Ford controled or Ford not controled.

Sadly, this peace didn't last forever; Vampenguins invaded once but the Fords held out. Soon, raids by Dark Penguins had started to grow. The Fords and Walrusses left, leaving the Dark Penguins to take over. However, the natives and Dark Penguins all married each other, making a new race of Penguins: the TerraMount Penguin. They both loved there mountains and forests, and seeked to protect there wildlife. The Judges were soon given power and old ports, like Port Valley Ford were still used.

When the rest of the UnitedTerra came in contact, TerraMount was happy to join as a Free Republic. This has made TerraMount known. It soon made TerraMount a rich state. The ports were used to trade. Diamonds and emeralds were hidden in caves. Gold and rock hidden in old mines. All this made UM a rich state. These were all traded in for tech, like Penguin OSes (the most popular OS in the state). It was in this Free Republic, that mountain biking was found.

Timeline of Stuff

  • 1589 -- Vampenguins invade-- Vampenguins in control of Western TerraMount.
  • 1592 -- TerraMounters retake the west. Fords and Walrusses invade.
  • 1678 -- Fords complete the conquest of TerraMount.
  • 1915 -- Vampenguins invade; Fords hold out.
  • 1946 -- Dark Penguins drive the Fords and Walrusses out. First "Golden Age" ends.
  • 1967 -- Dark Penguins and natives evolve into a new type of Penguin; the Terra Mountain Penguin. "Dark Age" of TerraMount begins.
  • 1981 -- Explorers settle here.
  • 1991 -- The government is created. First laws made. Second "Golden Age" of TerraMount begins.
  • 2002 -- The capital is chosen. First contact with the UTR.
  • 2009 -- TerraMount joins the UTR. The TailBEANS gather there forces around TerraMount.
  • 2009 -- The 2nd Mounteese Guards and the 5th TerraMount Force Recon conduct a recon mission in Slumalia.
  • 2009 -- The TailBEANS cross the border, and invade. The 2nd Mounteese Guards are sent to defend the border.


Mountain Biking

The official and standard sport is Mountain Biking. Almost exclusive to this Free State, Mountain Biking tournements are great fun. 8/10 pros say that they only do tournements for the joy of it, not for the money. It's a very good sport, and it's a good way to not destroy a lovely a world.

Rugby Union

Rugby Union is the second most popular sport. Stadiums are built everywhere. TerraMount has one of the best world team ever. Currently, there's a league going on.

Millitary Defense


TerraMount has a strong army. It protects the rest of the UTR, in return for becoming a Free State, and being able to trade. It's army has a history of fighting Vampenguins, Fords and Walrusses. When ACP improved the army, by reforming it and giving them better equipment, it had it's army we know today.


TerraMount has no navy. All sea defence is sorted out by the airforce.


The airforce branch is the one that flys planes. However, most tests are civilian aircraft tests. It has many Multirole planes and Fighters but no bombers.


  • It was the nation that funded the Terrastar.

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