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The best band in cp[]

Once there was a penguin named Utlet. He didn't have many friends because he stayed in his igloo so much. But still he was a very nice penguin. In his house, he had three best friends. Your probably thinking they were his puffles. Well, your wrong. His friends were Inflatible water dragon(Which he called doug), Gnome, and Pinata. He also talked to them and asked them for advice. He had even made his own band with them. Doug was a vocalist, Gnome was hte Dj. And pinata was the drummer. They would always perform for Utlet if he was upset. One day after listening to his band, Utlet decided to tell all of cp about his band. "Oh this will be great guys" said Teltu. "You can perform at the night club and everyone will have so much fun!". "We'll be there!" said doug."How about saturday night" and so Utlet wwent around cp giving flyers to everyone. Unfortunatly not everyone was nice. They laughed at Utlet. Some penguins cam, but that was about 5 out of 500.

To be countinued...

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