Club Penguin Fan Universe

This is the story of why I formed the ENF.

Chapter one: The Beginning[]

The ENF is an ancient organization, and I've been loyal from the start. I was an Elite Stealthmaster, and I was sent to spy on the ninja "Council of Elders". We'd had suspicions about them for ages, but the thing I discovered about the Council was very, very shocking. I was in a heating duct above the council room. Looking down, I saw about 15 ninjas with beards, and the Sensei. "We are going to use our powers to take over Club Penguin!" The Sensei shouted. The other elders disagreed. "Too bad for you" He said. The Sensei raised his flipper, showed his palm to the elder on the other end of the oval-shaped table, and a crackling beam of purple energy shot from his palm, hit the elder, and electrocuted him. The electricity spread, and killed the elders one by one, until the sensei was surrounded by bodies. I ran through the duct, back to the ENF HQ. Now they knew the Sensei was evil.

Chapter two: Discovered[]

I told the Supreme commander everything. That was when I realized the Sensei was in there with us. He dispatched the Supreme Commander in the same way as the Elders, then began to torture me. He fought off the other ENF agents, and turned back to me. He threw small bolts of energy at me until I could hardly move. I thought I was dead...

Chapter three: I'm Force-Sensetive?[]

I let the anger overwhelm me. I sat up, screamed, and showed my palms to the Sensei. A huge beam of green energy shot from my palms and hit the Sensei! He didn't die, though, because he was shielding himself with the "Ninja Force". He formed a sword out of his energy, so I did the same. We jumped to the Hideout roof, and began the greatest battle in Ninja history.

To be continued...

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Here's a quick ending to this unfinished story. The author has every right to ask Director Benny to delete this article, but this will be placed in here while waiting for the actual ending to be released.