Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Telephone Arena is a local arena in the country of Tel Ah Phon. King Childpengu1 ordered one to be made because there wasn't one. Childpengu1 said that he made this arena specially for Meaghan's upcoming Tour: "The Camouflage Tour" for announcing her album "Camouflage".


The Arena has the capacity for having 1,500,000 penguins in it. It has been finished, the project of the arena finished early because of the hard work of the workers. The workers got paid around 100 EpsilonO'Megas a day. Many people say it will be the biggest event of the decade of the country, as the opening will include "well-known artists, special effects and other cool stuff" as said by one of the workers in the project.

Location and Name[]

The arena is located in Karapazooka, city from the Telahphonian state Scooplefarrogh. The name was given by King Childpengu1, he said that the name was according to the name sometimes given to the country.


Some people say that the opening is going to be the biggest event of the decade in Tel Ah Phon. The opening was in April 5, 2010. The price for tickets are listed here

  • Normal Tickets: 750 EpsilonO'Megas
  • High Quality Tickets: 150 EpsilonO'Megas
  • Extreme High Quality Tickets: 270 EpsilonO'Megas
  • 10 Star Deluxe Tickets: 1000 EpsilonO'Megas

There are rumors that all artists will have a special place for sitting, which include VIP access to all the places in the Arena.


The Telephone Arena is painted in a red color scheme. The seats have the latest technology for having a great visit in the arena. They can be pushed down the floor for having fun and dancing, or you can pull them out for sitting on them. They have the greatest quality in all Tel Ah Phon. There are 5 big LED screens in some sides of the arena, one in the center on the back of the stage, two in the sides of the first rows of seats and other two in the last part of the seats (See map for more accurate placing). There is a huge backstage for the needs of the artists that go there.