Club Penguin Fan Universe
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Vital statistics
Type Artificial portal
Effects Teleportation
Source Club Penguin Island
Cost to buy 8000 coins
Cost to sell 7200 coins

TeleNets are machines that produce an artificial portal. They were invented by Gary and are used to transport objects over great distances.


A TeleNet is a metal ring connected to a small box with a switch on it. Turning on the switch creates an artificially-induced portal.

TeleNets are used in pairs. The portal produced by one TeleNet links to the other TeleNet, so that if you step through one TeleNet's portal, you would arrive out of the other TeleNet's portal. This mechanism is used to transport objects over great distances.

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  • TeleNets, unlike other forms of teleportation, do not produce biohazards as a byproduct of Coagulative Rapid Universe Distortion, making them eco-friendly.
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