Club Penguin Fan Universe
United Territory of Tel Ah Phon
Tel Ah Phon
Flag of Telephone
MottoOh Snap!
Royal anthemMisery Business
Coat of Arms
Location of Telephone
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(and largest city)
Official languages English and French
Recognised regional languages Beepbeep
Species  Penguins and other arctic creatures
Demonym Telahphonian (Sometimes "Telaphonian")
Government Monarchy
 -  King Childpengu1
 -  Prince Sir Snowman 1001 and Sir Alxeedoo1010
 -  Princesses Lady Homsolo and Lady Hat Pop
Legislature Telahphonian Parlament
Having a meeting Queen Penguin HaHa (Long live Queen Penguin HaHa) said to all the creatures of Tel Ah Phon to be in peace 
 -  Opening of the West Side of the country 1800 
 -  Opening of the East Side of the country 1900 
 -  King and Queen Longline name the capital as Scooplefarrogh (Named before as "Smookmahzook") 1982 
 -  Water (%) 45%
 -  2000 estimate 1,000,000 
 -  2009 census 20,000,000 
Currency EpsilonO'Mega (εΩ)
Little Daylight savings
Drives on the Right
Calling code +827
Footnotes The names from the states were made by Queen Lady HaHa
Footnotes The princesses and the prince don't live in Tel Ah Phon, they live in other places
Footnotes Scooplefarrogh is the main state in the country.

Tel Ah Phone (pronounced "telephone") is a country, its location is unknown by now. The name of the country was given by Queen PenguinHaHa. The country is often referred as "Telephone" because of a similar pronunciation. It was opened in 1800, when Queen PenguinHaHa discovered the country along with her friend Josh Longline (Later known as King Longline). In 1800 only the West side was opened. The country has 7 states in total. The main states are Scooplefarrogh (The capital and most important state), Muhnghtrahl, HoHenStean and Slitir. The amount of creatures living in the country makes it have many buildings.

It has no affairs with the Governance as there are many phone-lovers in the whole of Antarctica.


All started when Queen PenguinHaHa went in search of the Club Penguin Island but found this country. It's unknown how she ended up here as she was going to find an island and not a piece of land. She discovered the country along with her friend Josh Longline.


The currency in Tel Ah Phon is called the EpsilonO'Mega and is represented by εΩ.


The main languages are english and french. Natives of the country speak a language that is called "Beepbeep". The main sounds of this language are similar to telephone sounds.


The capital of Tel Ah Phon is called Scooplefarrogh. Tel Ah Phon has 7 states:


Mainly snow and ice, this country has underground freezed forests and blue shamrock trees. Scooplefarrogh had many of these forests, but now it has many buildings for the huge number of citizens. Tel Ah Phon has less natural disaster probability than on any other place in Antarctica.

Flag, Motto, and Anthem[]

The motto was made because, one day Queen PenguinHaHa was in a meeting. She was asked about an intelligent motto for the country, and because she forgot something in her castle she said "Oh Snap!". The Flag and the anthem are similar things that of telephones, because of the name.


The government was first started by Queen PenguinHaHa. She said that a monarchy was "Cool". The King right now is Childpengu1, and he named Sir Snowman 1001, Lady Hat Pop, and Lady Homsolo as the country's prince and princesses. Alxeedoo1010 was named prince in the royal state of Scooplefarrogh by King Childpengu1.


Penguins are the main inhabitants. Other ones include polar bears, puffles, and other arctic creatures. In HoHenStean there are only puffles, RocketSnails and Rocket Slugs. There are no Penguins in that state.


Two main villians: Zip and Zap were involved in the destruction of one ice forest. After that they were never seen again.


As Queen PenguinHaHa liked to sing and dance, many penguins like Meaghan "The Dance Gal" followed her path. Meaghan has written few songs like "I like to Dance" (which is an unreleased song right now) and likes to dance a lot. Tim and Tom are also Telahphonians.


Some of the most important buildings in all the country are: The Telephone Arena, The Telephone Building and The Royal Telephone Palace.

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