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Team Spaceship
The logo for Team Spaceship.
Vital statistics
Name Team Spaceship
Type Criminal syndicate
Location Varies
Head Oak
Job Villainy, corrupting and exploiting Card and PKMN-Jitsu for profit
Members Oak,
Along with many goons, minions, henchmen, and grunts
HQ There is not a central headquarters for Team Spaceship. Hideouts vary widely because they are always having to be rebuilt.

Team Spaceship is a group of penguins who wants to exploit Card and PKMN-Jitsu for profit, using villanious tactics, crime, theft, and deceit. Completely negating the honor and dignity of Card-Jitsu (and its spin-offs), this group sees it as Their plans have been foiled by Akbaboy and E-114 each time.


It all started when a penguin named Oak found out about an extremely powerful card, made by the Three Masters themselves.

He wanted it badly, but members of Antarctica teamed up to keep it away from anybody. He decided to join up all the people were willing to form an alliance to steal the famous cards.

A young PKMN-Jitsu researcher, named Professor Pine, asked a penguin named Blue to save the cards. He succeeded, but died an early and untimely death in a horrible traditional Card-Jitsu accident. A master and a trainer soon found out about Blue's passing and decided to keep the tradition up of saving the world. Team Spaceshup found out about the two new penguins and got their plans running again.


Team Spaceship exists to cheat at Card-Jitsu and obtain the powers of PKMN-Jitsu. Their plans have always been foiled.

  • Some of their most notable plans included...
    • Using stolen STINC technology to cook up a second Hurricane Diana over Lavasteam, so that they could steal the raw minerals in the nearby, flooded mine with orcas.
    • Teaming up with the Electrotails to broadcast recruiting messages from the Old Abandoned Telenacle.
    • Attempting to hijack several radio stations in Antarctica, including Walrus Radio.
    • Unfairly upgrading their Card and PKMN-Jitsu cards with MyphCo machineary (and accidently creating the first Shadow Cards).
    • Seizing the MyphCo building to use said machinary.
    • Using an odd radio signal to control the minds of puffles in a small town.
    • Somehow creating a red Magma Puffle with the signal on the coast of said small town's nearby lake.
    • Operating non-Bugzy casinos.
    • Building large, secret bases under said casinos and various bases in other areas.
    • Discovering and utilizing the Kermillian Channels (to some extent, as government patrols inadvertently flush them out at some point).
    • Creating a hostage situation in the Periwinkle Town's Skyscraper Mausoleum (using the founder for ransom), and also using technology to stir up ghosts for the sake of exploitation and over-priced tourism. Team Spaceship incurred the wrath of the ghosts during this escapade, most notably that of Explorer III.


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