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Talm and Lizzy
Talm & Lizzy image
The Psychic Card-Jitsu Power Masters
Vital statistics
Title Mind Masters,Psychic Overlords.
Gender Both Female
Race Psyguin
Faction HunEmpire,Oracle City.
Health Perfect condition
Level 12
Status Taking on challangers at Oracle City.
Location Oracle City.
Occupation Card-Jitsu Power,Psychicishness.
Interests Card-Jitsu Power,Psychicishness
Friends Ben Hun.
Enemies Salina
Archetype Penguin

Talm and Lizzy are the two power full psychic type Card-Jitsu Power masters of the HunEmpire.They took over he job as psychic type masters when Ben Hun their year older cuzin desided to grow more power full and learn more about the ways of psychic Card-Jitsu Power and desided to start traveling through out Antartica battling other trainers.So until he returns one day they sit in the Mind Area waiting for the next challanger.Even though they are only young girls they are thought of as the toughest of the psychic bunch have a long time rivalry with Salina.


Talm And Lizzy born as twins grew up in a small orental city in the HunEmpire near the cost.Growing up they noticed they had strong psychic powers and began to harness these power's in the use of Card-Jitsu Power.They soon grew in strenth and became known through out the region as the strongest of the psychic type Card-Jitsu Power trainers.When it was discovered when they were at the age of 10 that they were the cuzin's of Ben Hun the ruler of the HunEmpire they soon became close friends with Ben the age of twelve these twins were begges by Ben Hun after he had desided to travel antartica in order to grow his Psychic card-jitsu power skills to become the Psychic Master of Oracle City in his absense.The Twins exited took their place in Oracle City as the Psychic masters.



  • They are well known

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