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Takeover Dispute of 1999
Takeover Disupte of 1999 image
A sign saying "NO VIRGIN!, YES ALRO!
Vital statistics
Participants Virgin Inc, Haltavon, Virgin Town, Mershins-Kazooy Inc, Alro Holdings, EDA, Kornor Buildings and South Pole City
Date April 1999-December 1999
Location Old Town Residential Tower, Old Town, Eastshield

The Takeover Dispute of 1999 consisted of the owners Virgin Inc, Haltavon, Mershins-Kazooy Inc and current-Old Town with other companies fight against Alro Holdings, EDA (Eastshield Development Authorities), Kornor Buildings and the city of South Pole City battle against who should take control of the building, Old Town Residential Tower. It lasted from April to December of the year 1999.

The event[]

Orgins, Companies' reasons of why they joined[]

It started off when Mershins-Kazooy Inc had taken control of the tower as third party after the lawsuit, Virgin Inc vs. Haltavon. After a year, when both companies which lost the lawsuit are losing buissness, they decided to take on war out of the then-current holding company.

Whilst that was happening, Virgin Town was in need of more control. Thus, they joined the dispute. Even worse, they did not sided on Virgin Inc's behalf. It made the worst.

Soon, more companies joined the reckoning event. Alro Holdings in need of money, wanted to take over the building. EDA is usually taking care of most buildings and are greedy for more. Kornor Buildings are in need of buildings and joined. South Pole City wanted outside-control. This was how all companies got in the event.

How to win this so called "game"[]

This is treated like a game, as we don't know how they take control. They would usually auction for the best. At least the hightest bid company would win above the reatil price set by the USA's government. However, they could be sued, or fought by threatens.

Startings of the financial war[]

The financial war started with an auction at the Convention Hall of Old Town. They could bid above a million coins, though the maximum amount for penguins, could use a system known as "Transfer and Pass". You take coins above the limit, then used the special bank known as "TAP Bank" and store in, finnally giving the money within infinite, or a googol perhaps. Anyeay, the penguins started with a million coins, by Mershins-Kazooy Inc. Followed be 2 million, by heading Alro Holdings, in a bid to win. However, Virgin Inc contributed to three, Haltavon for four, and Old Town for five. Kornor Buildings was quite low in money, and bid for 5.000005 million coins, from their banking machine stored beside them. EDA, in an attempt to win, bid up to 10 million, twice the last bid. South Pole City, with all it's precious money, bid 15 million. Continuously, and continue until a certain amount. The top votes of each company combined to rank the highest to lowest are displayed here:

  • Virgin Inc-- 60 million
  • Haltavon-- 55 million
  • South Pole City-- 53 million (rich)
  • EDA-- 52.5 million (They have said that they need money for other poupores too)
  • Mershins-Kazooy Inc-- 51 million
  • Alro Holdings-- 49 million
  • Old Town--38 million (Small, Low Budget)
  • Kornor Buildings-- 25 million (can't afford much)



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