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Tails6000: The Movie
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Vital statistics
Type action adventure
Effects somthing funny
Source Movie stores
Location animation studio
Cost to buy 400 coins
Cost to sell 400 coins

Tails6000: The Movie is a movie of Tails and Explorer thwarting Aye-Que's attempt to rule the world. See This link for more info


It is about Tails6000 and Explorer 767 thwarting Dr. Aye-Que from taking over the United States of Antarctica.They also try gathering the destruction gems as well but a unknown fellow is trying to gaurd them as well they have ideas to strike at him with his machines and they collect the gem from the spot it's in. after a few defeats the duo go to the sky and go to his air base and Tails is on his own after he goes to the berrah and fights his final fight to Aye-Que's defeat and then Tails hurrys out just in time to jump down from the berrah he free falls a small bit and then Explorer with his plane saves him and they then land home


  • A blooper reel including Tails missing the jump to the wing fortress 3 times, Tails getting his rear burnt from lava, etc.
  • An interview with Tails and his friends and Aye-Que
  • A sneak peek at the sequel


  • This is a move of Tails6000 2
  • This is a movie parody of Sonic the hedgehog 2

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