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Terrain Broadcasting Corporation
TypeBroadcaster Radio, Television, Online
HeadquartersNeo Domino City, UnitedTerra
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleMitchel Lloyd, Chairman
Tyson Negyellor, Subsidiary
Rafindra York, Presenter
IndustryBroadcasting company

The Terrain Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) is the largest broadcasting network in Antarctica. The TBC is a public service broadcaster that operates under government. Within the UnitedTerra, it is funded principally by an annual television licence fee, which is charged to all UnitedTerra households, companies and organizations using equipment capable of recording and/or receiving live television broadcasts; the level of the fee is set by the UTR Government and agreed by Parliament. The TBC's main responsibility is to provide public service radio, television and internet broadcasting within the UnitedTerra and in parts of United States of Antarctica.

Outside the UTR, not many places have access to the network. Services are limited in the UTR, but in some places it is available - the household just needs good connection. Eastshield has all services available except for online viewing. Club Penguin has all services. Almost all places have connection to the radio, limited to the television and the online networks. Some igloos that want connection would have to pay a monthly fee.

The Corporation has high-quality equipment and presenters. They are paid at advanced salaries and work happily. Other countries and locations are being worked on so that their services can be available to them if they do not have all of them. Companies try teaming up with the TBC to get profits and shares, but so far only the Terrain Fry Broadcasting - known as FRY - have been teamed up and made as a sub-subsidiary of the TBC.


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  • The top radio presenters are Rafindra York and Akiza Atlus - as viewing count goes up whenever their shows start airing, and then drop a bit when their shows have ended. They get over 2 million listeners on the radio and other places when they are invited to do something else.
  • The TBC are the only company to host the official Penguin Official Music Charts of the UTR Singles Chart to play the Top 40 on the radio. No other proper companies have been able to do that or get permission to.

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