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Swiz Yishran.
"Rise monsters of ice, and go....BEAT UP SURRAY!"
Vital statistics
Title Self proclaimed Ice king
Gender Male
Race White Puffle
Faction Himself
Health Good
Level Exactly 15 years old.
Status Practicing his Ice magic, exploring.
Location Anyhwere theres ice.
Occupation Magic user.
Interests Ice, Magic, Surray's pain and suffery.
Friends Ummm........
Enemies Surray, Dars
Archetype Neutral.

Swiz Yishran is the self proclaimed "Ice King." He frequently attempts to make others belive by magic, all this does is make people think that he's a freak.

Swiz is also a power freak, going as far to capture people for power. This continuly ends with pain.


Swiz was never a happy puffle at birth. He instead liked magic, especially Ice magic. He tampered with it all day, creating his own spells. Eventully he started hitting a spell that brang snow and ice to life for a battle. Swiz was overjoyed at this. His parents became worried about their son. They tried to get him to give up magic to no prevail.

Later in life, Swiz met his cousin Surray, the two instantly hated eachother. Surray for liking Science, Swiz for being a magic user. This started a harsh hatred between the two. Swiz learned how to freeze people in this stage of lfie, so he would always win. Unluckily for him, later in life, Surray became more powerful.

Even later in life, Swiz ran away from home to practice magic as much as he can, mostly for power. Surray also stole his spell book, a furious Swiz tried to get it back, no prevail. But he memorized the entire book, unfortuntly.


Swiz's objectives in life are mostly unkown, but its a fact he wants power. So he could be trying to take over the goverment of a country, this is unlikely though. Swiz is also fond of Surray's pain, so he may be trying to destroy Surray.


  • He is a loose parady of Ice King, from adventure time with Finn and Jake.
  • His magic is somewhat powerful, capable of turning ICE or SNOW into monsters for a short about of time.

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