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Surray Yishran XIX
There's Surray for you...
Vital statistics
Title Gruff's brother.
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Yishran
Health Good
Level Puffle
Status Being tormented
Location Corai's house


Surray was one of his parent's favorites, being as the third born and smartest, compared to their least favorite, Gruff. He and Gruff never got along, ever. It should be noted that neither started it, it was really Gang, there father.

At the age of 4, he and Gruff were the second worst of enemies, followed by Mabel and Explorer. Much to Surray's happiness, Gruff left home and was adopted by Flywish later, thus ending the torture Surray was in for those years. Unfortunately, it started again when Flywish met Corai.

Later in life, Surray became a inventor. He also invented a Body Guard for himself to stop Gruff from attacking him, but this doesn't always work. But it works, quite a lot.


From most hated to least hated


From most enjoyed to least enjoyed


The most notable thing about Surray is his IQ, it is beyond the normal IQ of a puffle. Seriosuly, what puffle has the IQ of 199?

Another notable thing is that Surray has a near obsession with wrenches, he even learned how to make a small building, the size of a puffle out of them.


  • He LOVES Piano music, he is a master at it.
  • The shocking thing is, despite being years younger then Gruff, his IQ is drasctically higher.
    • He is also more serious, a trait big brothers usually have.
  • He is CONSTANTLY pranked by Gruff and Artist.
  • He is fully aware of Surray XIX and other Surrays.
  • He is always beaten up by Gruff. However, this sometimes backfires, as Surray knows how to use a wrench as a weapon.
  • Strangely, he can make his top hair (I.E the area with the stubs) as sharp as sharp metal or glass. It also serves as a shield.
  • He needs glasses, he can't see anything without a pair, that's why he has at least 100 different types in his playercard.
  • His Theme Song, why is so Militaristic?

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