Club Penguin Fan Universe
The Electrotail member
Vital statistics
Title The Leader of the Electrotails
Gender Male
Race Gothguin
Faction Electrotails
Health Aged eleven
Level Gothic
Status Leading his group, furnishing weapons
Location Unknown
Occupation Villain
Interests Weapons
Friends Mighty Tusk King, Walrus Crime Ring
Enemies Str00del Force, You
Archetype Evil

SupperEmo is a Gothguin and the leader of the Electrotails group. Unlike most of his species, SupperEmo has a loud voice and a very vicious temper. He in no way mirrors the "whatever" attitude of most of his species. He is eleven years old and can eat enough food to satisfy ten penguins, but he never, ever get fat.


Always a rebel, SupperEmo was born into an all-Gothguin family, and he quickly disobeyed his authorities. That is normal, even expected, for a Gothguin, but not to SupperEmo's extent. He especially rebelled by having twenty-eights when his family had seconds. Yet, he never got fat.

He fled home at the age of seven and went on a vandalism rampage, until he arrived on the CPW. He was eradicated by TurtleShroom (penguin) and Explorer, with help from E-114, Tails6000 and Corai, in the middle of scrawling horrible graffitti on the communist whiteboard.

He was released, though, on parole (and partially bcause he was so young), and made steps to distance himself from the law. He met the other Electrotails when he was eleven or so, and they formed a small group to assist the Walruses in furthering their crimes.


SupperEmo is the leader of the Electrotails. He is loud, outspoken, villanious, and aggressive. Like all Gothguins, he sports the signature yellow dots for eyes and have-shadowed face, and he also wears a robe. Like his species, he grew out what hair he had to cover his glasses.

Unlike Gothguins, SupperEmo wears brighter colors and carries a huge weapon.


  • SupperEmo is an ethnic Gothguin, not an Emoguin. There's a huge difference.
  • Like Mabel, he has memorized Unicode and uses its punctuation fluently.

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