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Superpenguin's Quest
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Vital statistics
Prerequisites No Prereqs
Level 12
Location Bobtropica
Rewards See below.
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-Incubent- WHAT?!?'s Quest

Superpenguin's Quest is a quest in the WHO's Quest series. This quest, like many others, are done only in the heart of Bobtropica.


Superpenguin knows how to do anything, except for household chores! He asked You to help him do chores at the Bobtropica Community Club.


  1. Enter the community centre.
  2. Find Superpengin. Once found, talk.
  3. Do the dishes at the Canteen. Place them under the sink twice at a time for 3 seconds. Needed: 15 sets (30 plates)
  4. Mop the floors. Find the mops at the laundry cabinet and clean the floors.
  5. Sweep the floors. Find the broom near the laundry cabinet and clean the floors.
  6. Do the thing using the tail feathers.
  7. Clean the walls using the handkerchief. Clean until sparkling.
  8. Take care of the elderly at Room 1by giving them food. For A: Chicken. B: Rice. C: Nasi Lemak. D: Ice Cream. E: Snow cone. F: Oil Mixture (this causes the penguin to say Thank You Superman!. What's a Superman?
  9. Find the game board Ponomoly and give them to the couple at the table in Room 1.
  10. Find the guitar for guitar class at Room 3.
  11. Read a book to the children in the library.
  12. Serve three dishes of food to the penguins at the canteen.
  13. In Room 2, do the children requests:
    1. One would ask you to clean his teeth
    2. Another would ask you to tuck him in bed.
    3. One last one is to sing the lullaby, Rock- a -bye baby
  14. Go to the lobby and answer the call from G. Tell him suggestion A: G, i am at the shopping mall doing market. Please do not go there. He may have been in a rush to not know he called to the center.
  15. Find Superpenguin. He will give you rewards.


And so, you got a large medal, binoculars and a note saying: Dear Babysister (note that it was spelt sister not sitter), Thank you for doing the chores for us. Love, The children from Room 2

Then, G is left stranded at the mall and returns back. The END!

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