Club Penguin Fan Universe
SuperfastPenguin image
Vital statistics
Title Superfastpenguin
Gender Male
Race Adelie
Faction 1/3
Health Meduim and 1 fourth
Level 5
Status Tracking down The so-called Saide Brothers
Location USA

A Adelie Penguin that hates The Sadie Brothers and tracks them down. He brags about how fast he is,and is a punk/nerd/"cool" guy,he is nice, and makes new friends every day.His brother is Spongeuy60.He still hadn't found his parents yet.But he found a couple that he don't know,that always wave to him...


He was born on a Ice Berg and was left alone.His only known reltive is Spongeguy60. Early,he hit the USA and went to shcool.19 years later,he droped out of college and got a job as a Reading Teacher.Years later,he been fired from reading,mostly cuase he told about Sienece and has been promoted to a Sience Teacher.He encoutered Winston and got away.1/2 years later,he got hugged by Winston,and lost his speed. He quited his job and got a a job as a Surgent.He traveled to The Happy State to get a promotion.He later came back to tell his friends he is leaving to The Happy State. He got a job as a docter in The Happy State.He made some new friends.He soon got another money to buy a apartment to live in-and did so.He is still living there today!


  • He encoutered Winston...Twice.
  • Other than his brother,he has no family.
  • He currently trys to find The Sadie Brothers