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Super "Nightmare" Moonlight
[[File:Super Nightmare image.png|250px]]
Duhn, Duhn, DUHN!
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender ???
Race Powered up Nightmare
Faction Nightmare Enterprises
Health Good
Level It's OVER 9000! (Which is bad)
Status ???
Location Probably not yet powered up to get to this form

He is an Ultra-Powerful form of Nightmare, like most villains and there Super Forms. His abilities include him able to turn into a nearly invisible poisonous gas. He can fly, and has IQ raised by 100. He is also much more evil and calculating.


Fill Out!


During the beginning of The Nightmare Epic!, Nightmare is outraged by the fact that neither army was destroyed by the Great Darktonian Pie War, and ordered his army to attack to weaken Clubpenguin for his secret plan. He orders his troops to also get him the Destruction Gems.

This form returns in the Final X Showdown. Super Nightmare was about to defeat Star Kirby12, Richperson and Rico despite they were using Spirits of Light, they somehow activate some kind of ultimate power that destroys Nightmare(and the Xirror World).


  • Nightmare has a hard time controlling this form; because the Destruction Gems normally are only for Tails6000 to use.
  • He doesn't use the Destruction Gems to transform: he actually has a machine that transforms him with the power of the Destruction Gems and makes him turn bright gold.
  • Tails once defeated him as Dark Tails, a form of negative destruction energy

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