Club Penguin Fan Universe

Super Elite Command Secret Room
Command room
The Command Room
No map available.
Vital statistics
Type Secret
Level S.E.S.U.P.A.
Location At the Command Room in the vacuum cleaner.
Inhabitants The Director of the P.S.A.

The Super Elite Command Secret Room is only for the S.E.S.U.P.A. (Super Elite Secret Unknown Penguin Agents). They are great elitists who have been promoted by the Director of the P.S.A.. You can get here by the vacuum cleaner in the Command Room.


It is exactly like the Command Room - but without a door, inverted colours and like a mirror of it.


  • Director of the P.S.A. (can be seen sometimes on the big screen and sometimes in the Super Elite Command Secret Room)


Berbert B. Bear tries to stop these penguins.


People can get Power Cards for Card-Jitsu here, get special clothes and inventions and play Super Elite Unknown Missions.


  • There's a hidden text on the floor (it's colour is almost like the colour of the flooring) which says S.E.S.U.P.A..