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Super Awesome Type Auto Drawing Lead Based Pencil
Super Awesome indeed.
Vital statistics
Type Pencil
Effects Very good handwriting.
Source Metalmanager
Location Metalmanager's Igloo
Cost to buy Not for sale
Cost to sell Not for sale

The Super Awesome Type Auto Drawing Lead Based Pencil (or simply Auto Pencil) is a pencil made to perfect handwriting. It has a tip that allows it to correct a word after writing it, if a mistake was made. The mechanics allow it to independently remove the previous letter (i.e A) and draw the correct version of it. It is great for acheiving perfect handwriting.


Invented by Metalmanager to perfect handwriting, it doubles up as a spellchecker when writing. It will go on sale in 2011 to the public for a few hundred coins (real price not announced), it is currently being used by the EPF and other secret agencies to crack codes sent by villians.


  • It has the tendency to correct delibrate mistakes, Metalmanager states the solution is to "use a different pencil".

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