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Super Akbaboy Racing
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Inspiration(s) Akbaboy
Developer(s) Snowtendo
Publisher(s) Snowtendo
Release date in USA March 21, 2010
Release date in the UTR April 22, 2010
Release date in Non-Free Republics {{{others}}}
Release date in Free Republics of the USA April 2, 2010 everywhere except FG

March 13, 2010 (FG)

Genre Racing
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Platform(s) Snowtendo Vii
Predeced by None
Followed by A game coming soon

Super Akbaboy Racing is a racing game that came out for the Vii.


It is a game that came out for the Vii. It has OK physics, GFX, and music. Snowtendo created the game. It is very popular in FG and the UTR.


Character Kart Special Item Availability
Akbaboy Royal Throne Land Separator (The land splits into half. The side that you are not on disappears. The side that you are on stays. This only lasts for 5 seconds.) Start
Explorer Permanently Frozen Car Shovel (He whacks in-range opponents with his shovel. This causes them to be stunned for 5 seconds and get a life deducted.) Start
Tails6000 Emerald Car Laser Pointer (He fires his laser at in-range opponents causing them to be stunned for 5 seconds.) Start
Speeddasher Bamboo Car Invisibility (He turns invisible and can go right through other opponents.) Start
Ninjinian Rolling Cookie Cookie Rampage (A giant cookie appears in front of him and rolls until it hits every opponent past him. When someone gets hit, they get stunned for 5 seconds.) Start
Fred Upturned Trapezoid (w/ wheels) Rhombi Flinger (He shoots rhombi or any other polygon at in-range opponents. It deducts one of their lives and stuns them for five seconds.) Start
TurtleShroom Speedy Turtle Shroom Invasion (Shrooms appear everywhere. Anyone except the user can get hit. If a person gets hit, a life gets deducted from them and they get stunned for five seconds.) Start
Darktan None (He flies) Shadow Amulet (He uses the Shadow Amulet and summons dark clouds. After 10 seconds, they start zapping the opponents in-range. After 5 seconds, they go away.) Start
Mayor McFlapp Cloudy Car Air Amulet (He uses the amulet and tragic weather patterns appear. Every opponent in-range who gets hit falls off the track and gets a life deducted.) Unlockable (Play as everyone at least once.)
Penghis Khan Imperial Fish Truck Mullet of PWNage (He slaps all his opponents with a Mullet, stunning them for 5 seconds and deducting a life from each of them.) Unlockable (Play as Mayor McFlapp and Darktan 10 times and get their amulets 10 times.)
Happyface141 Giant Happ Car D-Day Suprise (He blows up one of his opponent's car. That person falls off the track and gets a life deducted.) Unlockable (Get 1st 100 times)
G Prototype Sled Orange Juice 1,000 (Every opponent in-range blows up. Due to that, they get a life deducted and fall off the track.) Unlockable (Use Cookie Rampage 10 times on every character except Ninjinian that you have unlocked.)
Mabel Naughty Nags Powerful Words (She gets a speaker and a microphone and yells the Unicode into it. Everyone except the user gets a life deducted and gets stunned for 5 seconds.) Unlockable (Fight the shadow once.)
Dancing Penguin Disco Floor Car Ford Car Attack (Ford Car starts to look for something. He smashes every car past you in the process. Anyone who gets hit gets stunned for 10 seconds.) Unlockable (Unlock Mabel and G.)
Cadence DJ Table (w/ wheels) Tapestrea (Tapestrea appears and the two get into a fight. This makes everyone distracted for 5 seconds.) Unlockable (Get 1st with Dancing Penguin 100 times.)
Sensei Cushion (w/ wheels) Card-Jitsu (He gets a deck of cards. All of them are level 20s. He uses them all and deducts 2 lives from everyone.) Unlockable (Get distracted from Cadence's item once and get 1st to 3rd place.)


  • Free-Play Mode
  • Grand Prix Mode
  • Snowtendo Wi-Fi Connection Mode
  • Wireless Mode
  • Time Trial Mode
  • VS. Mode


  • Speed Boost
  • Paddle Ball
  • Fish
  • Snowball
  • Bomb
  • Billy Mays
  • Rhombi
  • Trapezoids
  • Triangles
  • Ice Bomb
  • Illustrator's Pencil
  • Tornado Twist
  • Metal Balls
  • Trap-o-Matic Jar 3,000
  • Air Bubble
  • Hyper Speed Boost
  • Clock
  • Test Tube
  • Slippery Waffle
  • Banana Blaster
  • Ferris Wheels
  • Ninja Hug
  • Invisibility


None. Add some.


  • All items become stronger if you get 5 orues.
  • If you hit a red portal box, you can use your special item.
  • If you hit a blue portal box, you can use any random item (not special).
  • The game was once updated. Sensei and G became starting characters and the game had a new interface that looked like the next game.

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