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Sunshine Fjord
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The Tourist Hot Spot of Trans-Antarctica!
Another view of Sunshine Fjord.
Vital statistics
Type Tourist Attraction
Level $$$$
Location Trans-Antarctica, at the outer fringes of 90-150
Inhabitants None (except the thousands of tourists that may be there)

Sunshine Fjord is the most popular known tourist attraction in the USA. Thousands of penguins and other creatures flock to this location every summer solstice, to see the sun shine through the two cliffs and dazzle all who see it.


This beautiful location was accidentally discovered by a Snell-Libro who was flying around trying to find Gourdzoid in order to confirm its talking pumpkin myth. Upon returning to Snellville, he told their mayor about it. The discovery spread like wildfire, and soon thousands of penguins started heading to the fjord (which now has its own Antarctic Express route which runs via the South Eastshield Crossing as does the Acoola series of trains). Every summer solstice (December 20 in Antarctica), the sun finally rises from the waves, ending the long, bitter winter.


The first sunrise will usually occur at around December 20. The sun will then set after a few minutes. This cycle repeats itself for the next 10 weeks or so until the sun finally rises and stays there until winter. The period between the first and final sunrises is called the Circle of Suns and occurs annually at the fjord.

Date of Sunrise Length (from when the sun has completely risen to when the sun has completely set)
December 20-27 3 minutes
December 28-January 4 4.25 minutes
January 5-12 5 minutes
January 13-20 6.5 minutes
January 21-28 7.35 minutes
January 28-February 4 8.15 minutes
February 5-12 9.5 minutes
February 13-20 11 minutes
February 20-27 13 minutes
February 27-March 7 (March 8 on leap years) The sun will finally stay in the sky, marking the end of the Circle of Suns


  • Tourists


There are few villains around Sunshine Fjord, it's simply to bright and happy for most. However, a few evil skuas have been sighted once in a blue moon.


Glorious, gleaming photons

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