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The Sub-Antarctic State Ferry or just simply Sub-Antarctic Ferry is a ferry boat system that transports penguins from island to another island in Sub-Antarctic.


There are ten ferries totally. five are for going southeast, and five are for going northwest. Ferries that start in King George's Island go southeast and make a few stops all the way to Sunday Harbor. And ferries starting at Sunday Harbor go northwest all the way to King George's Island. If any ferries complete the trip, they turn around and go the other direction. Most ferries make a round trip before the day ends.


Ferry Maximum Capacity Size Remarks Starting Direction Status
Spirit of Antarctica 2,300 Large It is the largest ferry in the fleet; It can sail a maximum of 30 knots Northwest In Service
Spirit of Club Penguin 2,000 Large Has a puffle daycare. Southeast In Service
M.V Chinook 1500 Medium It has private staterooms available for rent; there is a first class section on Deck 6 with electrical outlets and TV for each unit Southeast In Service
M.V Snowfall 1250 Medium It has the biggest food court in the fleet Northwest In Service
M.S. Freezin' of the Seas 1200 Medium Has a rock climbing wall and mini-golf Northwest In Service
M.V. Freezeland 1000 Medium Has an arcade! Southeast In Service
M.V. Snowbound 600 Small Nothing Special Southeast Will be phasing out on 2010 due to financial reasons
M.V. Winterland 300 Very Small Is known for no record of delays Northwest In Service
M.V. Icicle 100 Very Small Has staterooms available for rent Southeast In Service
M.V. Royal Antarctican 800 Small has an indoor pool Northwest In Service

Former fleet[]

M.V. Pearl Harbor - The ferry that crashed on Sunday Harbor.