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Strudel is a pastry that is a delicacy to the Str00del Force. They have strudel in the restaurant IPop. Mmmm... strudel...


The following text came from a scroll that was taken by Mabel. It has been translated from badly spelled English (there may be some errors):

In the beginning, there was nothing, just a seem-less void of schnitzel and bacon. Then a heavenly light pierced the darkness. in that heavenly beam a pastry floated down, and so did two penguins. These two penguins called the pastry "strudel" and it remained for evermore.

Strudel Today[]

After the infamous Captain Str00del died, his ghostly apparition discovered that if you welded two waffle irons together, a pastry that was a replica of the strudel from the beginning of time.

Those of Snowzerland seem to eat it commonly.

In Media[]

In Antics Festival, Strudel appears as an item that allows the player to spin the roulette twice instea dof once on their turn. A deluxe version allwos for a third spin.

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