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Stevie Falcon the First
Stevie Falcon I image
Believe it or not, you are looking at one of the most positive penguins in Dorkugal.
Vital statistics
Title Second CEO of Dorkugal
Gender Male
Race Dorkugese
Faction He can not speak, and uses a synthesizer.
Health Terrible (incapable of speech and any movement except showing facial emotions such as smiling or frowning, blinking, ect.)
Level Royalty
Status Current Reigning CEO of Dorkugal
Location Dorkugal

Stevie Relavie Falcon
Crowned Executive Officer of Dorkugal
Stevie Falcon's voice.
ReignMarch 2nd, 2009 - Present
CoronationMarch 2nd, 2009
Full nameHis Royal Nerdiness, by the Grace of HTML, Stevie Falcon the First, Crowned Executive Officer, Presiding over the Grand Noocratic Republic of the Dorkugese Establishment.
Stevie the Prosperous
Your Lawlster
Born14 March 1958 (1958-03-14) (age 66)
BirthplaceClub Penguin
PredecessorBilly Fence I
Royal HouseHome Page
Royal anthemUniversal Studios (this is played when Stevie enters a building, much like Hail to the Chief)
Royal mottoIf I can make it, anyone can.
FatherIasac Oldton
MotherGeorgina Shrubs (maiden name)

Stevie Falcon I, also called "Stevie the Prosperous", was the second CEO of Dorkugal. He was selected based on DNA scans from the Imperial Supercomputer, which chose him as the "right penguin for the job".

He is a victim of Lou Gehrig's Disease, which is why he can't do anything but smile.

He speaks using a special machine (called the SpeechMaster 3000) that translates some of his movement to speech.

Despite his special issues, he remains one of the happiest creatures in Dorkugal.


Stevie was always a very happy penguin. As a chick, he learned to use a computer before he could speak. As he got older, he wanted to take up sports (notably baseball, as the scorekeeper), which he went on to do.

At the human equivalent of eight, he started contracting his disease out of nowhere. His parents were mortified, thinking that the Lou Gehrig's Disease would either ruin his life or kill him young.

Both of these were proven false. Not only did he live (and is still living), he is also a very happy, opimistic creature who somehow sees the bright side of everything. He is always smiling, which is about all he can do besides use his speech machine. Facial expressions blinking, smile/frowns, that's about it.

After Billy Fence I was rendered obsolete, the Imperial Supercomputer chose him as the next CEO, which he happily accepted.

He had the Crown attached to his mechanism (it turns out those little poles on top actually work), which gave it an exteneded functioning warranty. The Dorkugese upgraded his wheelchair so that he could grab items with robotic arms, also controlled by subtle movements.


A random penguin calls up Stevie on a phone.

Penguin: Hello, may I speak to his majesty?

Stevie: You've reached the CEO of Dorkugal. Please leave a message after the LOL.

Penguin: Rockhopper pudding! All I ever get is the answering machine!

Stevie: Gotcha. It's me.

Penguin: ...

Stevie: I fooled you. I love doing that. LOL!

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Stevie is the current reigning CEO of Dorkugal. He plans to cut the nation's deficit in half by the end of his reign, and he someday dreams of meeting Explorer, who, as a growing penguin, greatly admired.

He remains optimistic and endlessly joyful. Creatures ask him how he does it, and he would always respond "nothing like happiness to reboot your day". He claims that "his optimism is what has kept him alive so long", and that "happiness is the best medicine".


  • Stevie's favorite past time is "defragmenting his computer hard drive for thrills", which, interestingly, is one of the verses in the Dorkugese anthem.

  • Stevie roams Dorkugal, often intermingling with the so-called "commenors". This annoys creatures who believe in class distinction (like Mabel or Steven).

  • Stevie's favorite thing to do to others is pretend to be an answering machine when he receives a phone call, since the VoiceMaster 3000 sounds artificial. Everyone has fallen for it so far.

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