Character name
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Vital statistics
Title The Power Penguin
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Level
Status Pizza Chef
Location The Secret Room In the Pizza Paulor. (His Part of The Restraunt)

Stelios7 is a famous penguin who joined the party in January 2007 and runs part of the Pizza Parlor, officialy known as Pizza 7 which belongs to the company with YumYum.


He was at a time not known to Club Penguin until the day he met Rockhopper. He offered a pizza to Rockhopper he accepted it he shared it with Gary the Gadget Guy and Aunt Artic and of course his little bundle of joy Yaar (His Puffle). For his Pizza they were all positive results Aunt Artic made an article about it in July 2007 at the time of the 2007 water party.The pizza parlor offered him a job for a day according to Stelios7 It went fine he said yes for 5 months at least. In November 2007, He was offered a new room with his pizzas only for a trial. Then to this date it is still there bringing smiles to many faces at all ages.


He loves a good pizza toss with others. He is very competitive.


  • Anyone Can Cook, Some Great.
  • Pizzas are like Pancakes why? Toss them high Toss them Low.


  • He is popular even when he is not a member.

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