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The Steel Drapes are a long and sprawling series of curtains on the bisecting border of East and West Pengolia. Their purpose is to keep the W. Pengolians IN and the Socialists OUT. It is the world's largest piece of furniture, the world's longest curtain, and the world's most expensive window decoration.

The Steel Drapes

Эти недоброкачественный шторы, котоые разделяют добро и зло.
Steel Drapes image
The largest curtain of all time!!
Vital statistics
Type Weatherproof Drapes
Effects Divides East and West Pengolia from one another.
Source West Pengolian textile centers.
Location The border between East Pengolia and West Pengolia.
Cost to buy If you want it: 3,000,000,000,000 pebbles
Cost to sell Worth 3,000,000,000,000 pebbles in fabric and rod metal.

Pengolian roadmap

The roads of Pengolia. Note how they are completely split by the Drapes.


When Penghis Khan returned home to those who were still loyal to him, he ordered the world's largest curtain rod to be built and to span across the WP/EP border. He ordered every clothing and fabric shop to work on the blood-red colored, absolute weatherproof fabric to be constructed and woven. They did so, and the curtains were hung up.

Their brazen posts were piledriven into the hard permafrost, and the rods were aligned. The curtain was hung, and they flapped in the wind.

It takes some SERIOUSLY STRONG fabric to withstand the harsh Pengolian weather, so the curtains are rather scratchy.


  • The curtain is actually fabric, not steel. The rods supporting the curtain are brass.
  • West Pengolian guards armed with fish patrol this thing daily, as do East Pengolian guards with hammers.

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