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Starus Alpha
Barkjon's motorbike in the Star Force.
Vital statistics
Type Motorbike
Effects Unknown
Source Unknown
Location Flystar's Palace
Cost to buy Not buyable
Cost to sell Not for sale

Starus Alpha is a motorbike used by Barkjon in the Star Force. The motorbike was attached with Snowball Guns at the sides, so that it can be used for missions in pursuit.


Barkjon was bored at his job at the Star Force. "I want something cool for these missions! These missions are boring!" Barkjon said. "Yes, we agree." Tails and Jackio replied. "Then I will make them more fun! What do you want?" Flystar asked. "Well, we want vehicles that go fast!" everyone but Flystar replied. "Hmm... How about motorbikes?" Flystar asked. "Perfect!" they all said. "For now, all missions are dismissed. Goodbye, agents." Flystar said. A few days later, the agents recieved calls on their phones that they should arrive at the HQ immediately. "What's the matter, Director?" Barkjon asked. "Your motorbikes, they are done." Flystar said, stepping aside. The agents saw in all their glory the motorbikes (well, motorbike). "Oooh!" the agents said. "It will be driven by Agent Barkjon, with Agent Tails at the back seat. And the motorbike splits into two motorbikes, so that Agent Tails can drive his own. And Agent Jackio, I have a surprise for you!" Flystar explained. "So, let's continue on..."


Starus Alpha has been involved in many missions, and has been very useful. It has done things such as slowing down pursuing vehicles on the roads, and capturing minor villains.


  • Starus Alpha has been involved in 47 Star Force missions, and there have been 50 missions.
  • Starus Alpha's counterpart (the splitting motorbike) is called Light of Stars.
  • Starus Alpha is similar to that of Cerberus Alpha.

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