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Stan PengLee (12 December 1973-) is a famous writer and CEO of Penguin Productions, whom created Penguin Man.


Stan PengLee was born in The Kingdom of Happyface141 on 12 December 1973, which was also his parents' anniversary. When reaching home on the first day of life, he saw and old television set, probally a TVME. He also saw three buttons. He pressed the bright red button with the universal switch button. It switched on the set. He then saw lots of old-fashioned pictures.

When he was 8, he made a simple movie using his father's old video recorder. It was known as "About My Family". The second one was "About My Friends". Both were documentaries about his loved ones. 15 years later, which was 1996 when television was already near-advanced, he started a company, known currently as Penguin Productions.

Penguin Man Production[]

After doing mutiple exercises and mini-projects before real production, they finally made a movie known as Penguin Man. He was specifically asked by his employees to be the writer. Due to his acception, the movie was extrodinary, rated G for good storyboard. Since then, he was famous for his writing items.


Early 2007, a penguin named Criticize started a rumor that Stan PengLee breaks the law of copyright. The famous writer was almost executed until something proved that was true. As both the judge and the jury read the storyboarding, which found out later completely matches the movie timeline, they found out that no part was copied, and whichever was used with the permission of the author. Criticize was eventually jailed for 2 months for false statements, and Stan PengLee was back to normal!!! YEAH!!!


  • Stan has a Golden Puffle. He is the only one to have such a valuable pet, besides Fred 676.
  • Stan hates Jerk Penguins.