Club Penguin Fan Universe
Staff of Goofiness
Don't laugh!
Vital statistics
Type Mysterious Staff
Effects Almost anything, drives the BoF crazy
Source XTUX345
Location In Fudd's inventory
Cost to buy Infinite amount of Fish
Cost to sell 999999999999999999999999999 Fish

The Staff of Goofiness is a junky staff given to Fudd by a mysterious being called XTUX. It's powers vary, sometimes launching fruits at opponents but most often just electrocutes Fudd.


One day Fudd was just walking behind Mabel with a big bruise on his head from a Doom Knight's fish. He wished there was some way to destroy them instead of just throwing cream pies at them. Suddenly a staff fell out of the sky (Fudd could hear Director Benny yelling punctuation marks) with a note on it:

Dear Fudd,

I have noticed that you have been having troubles with enemies. Here is a staff to make up for it. It has amazing powers, but use them only when in great need or it will not work at all.

From, XTUX

Fudd was amazed. That was for him? Suddenly he saw a doom knight rushing straight for him. He whipped out his staff and pointed it right at the evil one. Amazingly, the doom knight stopped in it's tracks and started laughing. Fudd walked over to it and whacked him with the staff. He fell dead instantly, and ever since, Fudd has no Longer been defenceless.


  • Making the victim laugh uncontrollably (normal)
  • Shooting bolts of lightning (rare)
  • Instantly making a hot breakfast (extremely common)
  • Backfiring and electrocuting the owner (extremely common)
  • Summon XTUX345 (can be done at will)
  • Turns enemies into fried chickens for 60 seconds (uncommon)
  • Dumps a bucket of water on the user's head (extremely common)
  • PWNing nearest enemy (extremely common, often happens around Ben Hun. Most think that XTUX makes it do that)
  • Materializing fruits to throw at penguins (extremely common)
  • Summoning Giant Fudd to help the user (rarest of all)
  • Giving Fudd control of victim for 20 seconds (extremely rare, works best on Ben Hun)
  • Simply whacking someone (extremely common, works great on Salina)


  • The staff is surprisingly useless as it malfunctions most of the time and most of it's powers don't happen very often.
    • Actually the best function is the good old-fashioned whacking. It never fails (unlike the other buggy features).
  • It does not always work, and most often just electrocutes it's holder. While this could happen anytime, it always happens when someone other the Fudd uses it.
  • Director Benny hates this item and wants it destroyed.
  • Normally Fudd cannot decide what it does except when in great danger.
  • It is indestructible, but malfunctions lots.
  • XTUX claims that he made it very buggy on purpose so that Fudd would not overuse it. He also said that otherwise it would become a mary sue (after he says this most leave because he gets to hard to understand).


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